Northern Lights 2008

Discussion in 'OTC' started by gun-bunny, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. So far it's still on this year, as long as it doesn't get cancelled at the last minute again?

    So what's everyone's predictions for this year? Who will win the sports? Mill skills? Dancing? Pipes and drums? Who will win overall?

    More importantly who will cop with whom on Sat night?

    Glasgow of course will sweep the board.

    Who is actually hosting it this year?
  2. Aberdeen are hosting. Generally, from looking at events, the hosts usually win (apart from Gayforth, 'cos, they're well, Gayforth). So, it'll be Aberdeen. I'm really looking forward to it, "if you can't pull at Northern Lights, there's something wrong with you".
  3. and gues what - aberdeen won.
  4. And guess what when Tayforth organised it in 2006 they won as well so much for the previous comments. They did not win Northern Lights this year but they did manage to compete in the competition and also enter Utopian Vagabond on the same weekend and won that! The only Scottish OTC to enter and compete with 11 other OTCs so that is not too bad.
  5. Ah yes, but they also spent time practicing the assault course and were in the mess for about five minutes...
  6. yes but utopian vagabond is that cavalry pish isnt it?
    cavalry is for gays. 'nuf said.
  7. Don't you mean artillery is for gays? :p
  8. If that is true then it is a very different Tayforth to the one I frequented in the early nineties. You all need to Man up, nothing wrong with throwing up on the assault course! :p

  9. I had to leave early and missed the so called piss up. I hear Queens were a complete bunch of nobs.

    Well done to Aberdeen for completely fixing the whole competition

    and well done to GLASGOW who wiped the floor with everyone in the tug-o-war
  10. Pretty disgusted at Aberdeen fixing just about every 'competition' this year either by changing the rules after an event and the scores were known to make sure they won or by giving huge penalties to any OTC with a chance of winning. The only reason the tug-o-war wasn't fixed is because Glasgow absolutely demolished them, although I'm sure they tried. At least they knew how to behave in the mess, unlike some :roll:

    Well done to all involved in the piping and drumming though, the only fair competition for the whole weekend. Some quality playing all round.
  11. Well i dont really care what anybody else thought of the pi55 up, i had a gleaming night however I was one of the "knobs."

    what the fryar tuck was with having command tasks after the sports? sports are sports, we were at warcop not westbury, right?
  12. must admit the command tasks were a real pain in the arrse. Half my footie team were playing on the hockey team as well, so ended up just grabbing whoever was available at the time. If they were gonna do this they could have given us some notice
  13. no, son, i dont.
  15. well going by that attitude mate, seems they were right. Queen's are a bunch of nobs. If you read my post properly it says "i HEAR Queens were a bunch of nobs". In other words,other members of my OTC who were there told me about your charming sectarian songs and how you didn't want to socialise with any of the other OTCs. So in answer to your question, yes i can comment.

    As for your post - "since we took up most of the mess, does that mean the other otc's acted like nobs?" Now correct me if i'm wrong, but that doesn't even make sense.

    And no i'm not from Queens, if you bothered to read the rest of this thread you know which OTC i'm from.