Northern Lights 2007 - Binned

Discussion in 'OTC' started by make_safe!!, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. You all hear N Lights has been binned this year?

    Although it's a right pain in the arse having it in April, it will be missed!!!

    Looks like cheating Tayforth will be champions for two years.....
  2. Any ideas why??? Tis quite a disappointment.

    (And quit the Tayforth bashing!)
  3. Something to do with the Jock OTC's not budgeting for it or something.

    Strange, because unlike last year we have had the joining instruction for a while now, and it looked pretty well organised compared to last years Tayforth set up.

    And I'll continue to bash Tayforth, the rigged the thing from the start!!
  4. A bad loser from QUEENS I take it!
  5. Cancelling the whole event is abit extreme just to stop Queens winning this year.
  6. Is this just a rumour or has it actually been binned? I will be gutted...this was going to be my last year!! :eek:
  7. I am afraid that Ex NORTHERN LIGHTS is cancelled this year for a number of reasons. The main reason being that the UOTCs' budgets are all being cut and that it was due to take place in Warcop, which would have further increased the transport costs.

    I know that this decision will disappoint you (as I attended it during my 4 years in Tayforth - Tayforth bashing is just jealousy :wink: ) and I can assure you that it was not taken lightly.

    Not that it will be any consolation for those leaving this year, but it should be a certainty for next year when Redford will be freed up again.
  8. Why would they leave it to the week before to cancel a brigade sized exercise...if anything this ex should be going ahead...its the main annual exercise for all the units concerned.

    I am aware of the budget cuts mentioned above, however the costs of hiring a coach are generally the same if your going to Redford or Warcop. A bit more fuel to be fair but surely that is not enough to stop such an exercise on its own a week before the event?

    I will be interested to find out what my unit has to say today.
  9. Brigade sized ex?
    Its not an exercise, it's just an inter-otc competition involving celtic OTC's.
    And it's not Brigade sized. We bring 9 weapons to it!!!

    Main annual exercise for units concerned?
    You and me talking about the same thing her, again, it's just an inter-OTC Competition coupled with a brilliant piss up. Don't know about you, but in Queens our main annual Exercise is our Summer Camp Ex.

    Travelling Costs?
    Are you trying to say that the costs of moving all the Scottish UOTC Bods, kit and weapons is the same going to Warcop as it is Redford, excluding Queens?

    Interested what your unit has to say?
    I'd say they will be glad, now they can get on with things like useful training, instead of running after people to get uniforms sorted out.

    Don't get me wrong, N Lights will be missed by all of us, but mostly for the piss up!
  10. Completely not involved except from what all the Celt OTCs say it sounds like a great weekend (maybe we should have a softy southerner weekend) the reason based upon travel costs sounds rather odd. As m'learned frriend pointed out a coach hire is a coach hire, it is just a little more fuel, certainly it would not add more than 10% to the cost (if not the army is being ripped off), small with the overall bill.

    I would be interested to know the thinking behind this since intellectually unrobust 'cut it, it must save money' tactics causes major ructions, especially this year these fun, binding weekends will be thin on the ground.

    Anyway Northerners sorry you lost it, hope it is reborn.
  11. I think you miss the point - cancelling the exercise also saves MTDs...
  12. No that is a given, what I was refering to is the post by COS-51 Bde about the main reason being the location at Warcop and travelling costs that seemed slightly odd.
  13. Hell i wish that were true of all the OTC's. We have had a fantastic time the last two weeks cleaning our corps building from top to bottom! I should also say that we were told that we would be doing NL training in this time. The fact that we were not doing sports, mill skills etc training the week prior makes me wonder if the powers that be knew we were not going to be going down last week.

    Granted it doesnt really make all that much difference when were told but it would have been nice to have replaced the NL traing with something a little more interesting such as specific to troop training rather than having the entire corps scrubbing floors and polishing rifles! Although I would concede that these are important tasks that we had probably been putting off for long enough, but, in light of NL being cancelled we have now cancelled training alltogether next week. Wouldnt that have been an ideal opppertunity to get on with some training, perhaps something a little lighter and fun than MTQ 2 or 3 training and something like a lesson on basic demolition (thats right break out the playdough lads its time for a dems class!) or something similar which as a corps to my knowledge has been lacking this year. (yes we did minley and platoon attacks weekend etc but nothing in the corps)

    any way enough of my rant, hopefully will see everyone at Redford barracks next year if we dont bump into each other before that

  14. I read it differently - the main reason is that the UOTCs' budgets are being cut. In addition moving it to Warcop means increased travel costs plus a complete weekend of MTDs by the time the travel times are included.

    Whereas were it were done in Redford, the travel costs would be substantially reduced and the Scottish UOTCs could probably cut the pay to just the day of the competition!
  15. Sad if it's been binned. I wonder why.

    But the aurora borealis is still there to be admired and wondered-at, tho' it fades after April . . . .