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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by rafemac, Jun 19, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone tell me when Northern Ireland was designated as a non-operational posting?
  2. Get to the point.

    whats your problem?
  3. Northern Ireland IS STILL and Operational Theatre. The GSM and Clasp 'Northern Ireland' is still issued after 30 days in theatre.

    OP Banner is still going strong after 36 years...
  4. ok, who knows what the crazy fool is on about? :D
  5. This might help

    However as far as i am aware a medal is still issued as well as NI pay.
  6. ok, so i guess we are currently on NotOp Banner :D
  7. I can assure you OP BANNER is still firmly in place.

    This "where are our forces by the BBC" article is factually wrong.


    Gulf: 8,350 inc 7,500 in Iraq
    Afghanistan: 1,100
    Bosnia: 991
    Kosovo: 187
    Sierra Leone: 98
    UN missions: 329
    Germany: 22,500
    Northern Ireland: 11,000
    Cyprus: 2,761
    Falkland Islands: 1,177
    Gibraltar: 558
    Ascension Island: 40

    Someone has not read their MoD press pack properly!!
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The information given by the BBC is probably quite correct. However it has to be interpreted properly.

    For OPERATIONAL read 'This is where we have reporters'

    Fon NON OPERATIONAL read 'This is where we don't have reporters'.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Northern Ireland is very much an Operational Deployment. I should know, I am serving here and averaging 96 hours a week still!!!!!

    Some ceasefire huh?

    Hopefully, come the IRA Statement (rumoured to be on July 15th), of disbandment, Op Banner will be defined as over.

    Rumours are currently.....

    Part Time HS RIR to be made redundant on December 22nd 2005.

    Followed by the disbandment or amalgamation of the remaining Full-time Royal Irish.

    Anybody know?
  10. not sure i agree with your timeline for declaring end of op banner. anybody know the legalities? obviously all those in NI would lose their NI pay if it stops being an op, and start paying food & accn presumably. so would not like it to happen any time soon, its one of the few incentives for serving in the province...

    how do they stand on things like OOB areas? if its non operational, presumably we will all be able to go on the piss in XMG and west belfast, because the govt has declared the op over? :? is there anything saying that if its not an op, there cant be draconian restrictions on our movements or more of a threat to our personal security than e.g. on the mainland? cos we all know the truth...

    cant see why the end of op banner should be tied to an ira statement anyway. nobody in their right mind believes the f*ckers.
  11. Does this apply to non combat arms? Like REME?
  12. hkpete wrote:

    "Does this apply to non combat arms? Like REME?"

    Non combat arms? Last time I looked on the MoD site REME were still part of the 'ARMED' FORCES. I'm sure they give craftsmen rifles as well as spanners.