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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 6_PARA, Sep 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi all.

    I'm a new member to the forum and I've got a question regarding The Troubles; were the SAS, Parachute Regiment, Royal Anglian Rifles, etc the only British Army units to be sent to Northern Ireland, or did the Royal Artillery and other support units send troops over to patrol in Northern Ireland during this time?
  2. Every serviceman/woman, and his/her dog (literally - God bless our canine soldiers), and even the RAF and Royal Navy (and a few people we will never know of), were invited to plod around the lanes and streets of Northern Ireland. It was an All Arms party!

    I once invited a certain CO of a Ghurka regiment to bring his battalion; he said he would like to but was having trouble getting Whitehall to confirm. He went to the Falklands instead!

    Have a look at the various Memorials - in Palace Barracks for example - or read a few books.
  3. Correct, the remainder of us stayed in camp for 30 odd years undertaking tasks such as bulling our boots and picking up leaves

    Palace Barracks Memorial Garden - Northern Ireland, Falklands Islands, Felix Memorial Garden.
  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    That's given me a good laugh. Why don't you ask about the other combat arms? I don't think the Royal Artillery will enjoy being classed as a support unit, however far behind the lines they might sit. And tell me there is an invisible comma in there between Royal Anglian and Rifles: I don't see the two merging in the near future whatever defence cuts might be in the offing.

    As Punch has stated, everybody including combat, combat support, combat service support, shiny-arrse and his father walked the streets of NI at some point.
  5. Especially when it's a well known fact that the first Brit killed in the troubles was Gunner Robert Curtis of the R.A

    Edited to add ... And wasn't Stephen Restorick of the Royal artilary thelast Brit KIA in the troubles ?
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    If you don't count Sappers Mark Quinsey and Patrick Azimkar. Although as Blair /Brown had declared peace they where murdered after the troubles.
  7. Yeah that's why I used the phrase " The troubles "
  8. The Irish regiments didn't serve there for most of the troubles (think it was only the 90s when they were allowed), not sure about the Gurkas.
  9. What about the Ulster Defence Regiment, the largest in the British Army?
  10. The Irish Rangers where over here in the late 80's
  11. You are Gerry Adams and I claim my 10 pounds
  12. The Irish Regiments may not have served as units before 1980. However there were many "Atts and Dets" and temporary transfers from these Regiments. Those individuals, many born in Northern Ireland, played a significant but necessarily low profile role as well. And of course there were the men and women of the Ulster Defence Regiment, and towards the end, the new Royal Irish Regiment.

    The Ghurkas never did; that was a joke. This, while doubtless a good tactical manouevre, would have had the do-gooders and the republicans screaming, those with heads still on shoulders of course! (If anyone on here is familiar with 7GR of the 1970's they will probably know the officer I invited to bring his battalion to NI.)

    Thanks, Muzzleflash, for the link to Palace Barracks, I should have included this.
  13. This is specifically for 6_PARA. However others may find it interesting.
    You may purchase a very well produced book from the Memorial Custodian of Palace Barracks Memorial Garden (for those younger ARRSErs Palace Barracks is in Holywood, near Belfast.)
    The book is a Roll of Honour of all those who died while serving in the Armed Forces in Northern Ireland during what we call "the troubles". It also contains a dedication to the RUC and RUCR and to those who died in the Falklands Islands conflict.

    It may be obtained from;
  14. Wah, surely?

    RA lost most blokes IIRC. Check out Whartons books for detailed run down of the losses.
    Support arms my arse. Every fecking one of us was out there off & on, teeth or not. A couple of monkeys got killed over there too.
  15. Got to be a wah

    Support units?