Northern Ireland

I start this for a number of reasons: my own personal, long standing love for the Island, north and south; reading today about the possibility of doing a 'Truth and Reconciliation' exercise as per South Africa (somewhere else I have a personal and long standing love for) and a remote kind of sadness that there was no one prepared  this morning to recognise the sacrifice of the (few, perhaps) Irish Catholics Nationalists who died to defend democracy.

What are the views out there about what will bring normality to this region? (notice I didn't say 'peace' - NI doesn't have exclusive rights to civic violence in UK, and I get extremely irritated with NI natives who seem to think they suffer worse than anyone else in the Nation - they don't - ask anyone in Moss Side)
I can't speak as an NI native, only as the direct descendant of one.

The key is the children, and the bigotry of parents.

If you can somehow, stop parents instilling bigotry and hatred into their children, from an early age, then that's the key.

Then again, the likes of the Paisleys, McGuiness and Adams won't live forever.

You have to start with the newest generation. Maybe the key is neutral integrated schools, that justify their existence, not as melting pots, but as undoubted, by anyone's measure, "centres of educational excellence". After all, parents invariably want, the best education possible for their children. Maybe we can start there.

Children do not arrive on the planet, with pre-determined bigotries and prejeudices, we MUST find a way, to let them form their own opinions. That way is education.
Simple solution

Sterilise the nation and let the people of Dudley move over the water, they'd be at home in Derry ;D
Yes, but can you imagine what a combination of brummy and clenched teeth Derry would sound like?!  :p ;)

More seriously, there is so much vested criminal interest in protecting the sectarian turf which parasites NI, is there the political will to start treating the paramilitaries for what they truly are now - mafia?

Like the new Chief of the NI Police Service very much, completely agree with his approach.

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