Northern Ireland - Whats It Like For Soldiers?

dante242 said:
Did we have books in 1975 ?........all I can remember is a yellow card and tennants beer with girlies
How dare you sir!!! i married and copulated those girlies and all six became my wives!! :D

fook the yellow card that was bollox!! :)
i was about to say ! we will get them on jeremy kyle and sort this out !! but i reckon the girls will be well and truly old or dead by now! :lol:
time to move on i suppose! :cry:
diehard57 said:
Remember this little booklet?

This one went for £32 on ebay yesterday :?

I remember a little post card with the family snaps on 1971 onwards,a few alway's went on holiday on the south coast on our arrival


Book Reviewer
Ive, still got me Granny book all the local faces and Cards intact and that dodgey Aide memoire Circa 1977/81. Oh And it,s still cold and wet!!

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