Northern Ireland Veterans Association.

Any NIVA members here? I am realy fed up and amazed, at what is going on, or has gone on with this ASSOCIATION! Any other views or experiences would be most welcome! There are some seriously fcuked up blokes there and perhaps that is why the association exists. Rightly so, but the fallouts and stuff, it beggars belief!
They seem to be tearing each other's throats out! It has settled down now, but I fear the worse! Have you logged on biscuits?


No. I've forgotten my password. Tell you the truth, i've hardly ever used the site since joining. I've had a recent e mail from them, i'll have to fish it out.
The committee resigned en masse and I fear there is legal stuff going on also! It is so sad! There are some cracking genuine people there and those that need it, get real help and assistance! The few that are left posting on the forum, are pretty steady, fun guys, but the fire has gone! Arrse reigns supreme on that one! :wink:
i havent been on that site for some time now, i did meet a couple of people from there since then i havent heard anything.
I am user of that site and its going through a transition period at the moment but is still going...just

if you want more details PM me and i will put you in contact with the person that is trying his hardest to sort it out.....


i didn't even know it existed.
I had better sign up so I can tell warry stories about how I took on the South Armagh ASU who were driving tiger tanks and had flame throwers, with nothing but a bacon burger and a browning 9mm. I might even find some of me old muckers on the site like Dinger, Donger, Banger, Wanger, Clanger,Ginge and Smudger.#

Seriously though if you have a link i would be interested in having a look.

cheers me dears
It realy deserves too succeed! It is helping an awful lot of blokes out and strives to keep alive, the memories, of our fallen!


banjotrooper said:
It realy deserves too succeed! It is helping an awful lot of blokes out and strives to keep alive, the memories, of our fallen!
got a link matey ? sounds like the kind of thing I would be only to happy to support .
What worries me is they want an awful lot of your mil history and just who are "they" ? how do I know that the info I give of my tours is being kept safe ? How do I know that they are even Mil/ex mil and not civvies ?

I'm sure it's OK but I just have nagging doubts.
Thanks mereminx. POINT762, contact them and Im sure you will be at peace! There are a lot of parents who have lost soldier sons there also! They are mainly, ex NI Vets, many from the early and mid 70,s, the problem was, there seemed to be a committee problem and they exploded, causing all sorts of running problems. They have now got a steering group running the show, until a new committee is formed! Associate members cant be on the committee or vote, only full members can and you have to have served in NI to get that!
Hello boy and all that, so forgive me if I stand on toes....trying to find your new boy page but gave up and found this thread.....NIVA is on a bit more of an even keel now, took a bit of house-clearing to find a 'new look' but it is doing well now, so give it a look.

The only civs are partners, and your opsec point is valid, but trust is a two-way street, so put your info on 'drip-feed'.

Nice to meet you, will get to know more of you soon.

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