Northern Ireland Veterans Association, Ieper 27/10/07.

The Northern Ireland Veterans Association, will be holding a meeting in The Cafe t Klein Rijsel, Ieper (Ypres) on Saturday 27/10/07 at 18.00. The European Representative of NIVA, will be available to answer any questions. This will be followed up at 7pm, with a simple Poppy tribute lay at the Lille Gate next door. Many thousands of tommies went to the front and their deaths, through this gate. This will allow guests enough time, to attend the Last Post ceromony at the Menin Gate Memorial to the missing. NIVA is open to all British soldiers, Police force and Prison Service veterans and their families from "Operation Banner" 1969 - 2007, which saw nearly 800 soldiers killed with 1972 seeing 102 soldiers killed in 1 year. Many soldiers and veterans still suffer today and require care, help and assistance. NIVA does just that! If you are in town over that period, just turn up. The meeting and tribute lay is open to all. We look forward to meeting you all on the night. Best wishes, NIVA.
December's meeting will be this Saturday 8th 18.30 at the same venue.
Format will be exactly the same.
All intrested parties will be most welcome!
Best wishes, Chris.

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