Northern Ireland - UK Paint Scheme

Discussion in 'RLC' started by loque76, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Hi People

    I'm currently studying behavioural economics at the University of Brighton and was hoping you could help me find a picture I can use in my studies.

    I have spoken to some ex-servicemen who served in Northern Ireland and they have told me that in some instances targets were painted on the sides of soft vehicles to encourage individuals throwing projectiles to aim at the targets and not the wind screens.

    Have you heard of this practice before and would you have any pictorial evidence of it?

    Alternatively can you better direct my search to assist me finding these pictures?


  2. A bit like Police Officers painting targets on themselves for stinking students to throw fire extingushers at?

    **** Off hippy and get a wash.
  3. Whats wrong loque? Did your attempt at blowing up the royal car with a potatoe whilst Prince Charles and Camilla went to the opera fail and now your after advice on how to do it better next time!!!
  4. What utter, utter bollocks.

    One was always painted to look like Rudolf at Christmas however!
  5. GG would know, he was there.