Northern Ireland: Teen Charged Over PC Death

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by redout, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. A 17-year-old has been charged with the murder of PC Stephen Carroll, who was shot while responding to an emergency call in Northern Ireland.

    The Continuity IRA claimed responsibility for Constable Carroll's murder

    The teenager has also been charged with membership of the Continuity IRA and possession of a firearm with intent, police said.

    Earlier, a 31-year-old and a 27-year-old were released without charge after being questioned for seven days.

    PC Carroll, 48, was killed while on duty in Craigavon, Co Armagh.

    The teenager who has been charged will appear before magistrates in Lisburn.

    Four other people arrested for questioning about the murder remain in custody.

    A further four are still being detained over the murders of two soldiers - Sappers Patrick Azimkar, 21, from London, and Mark Quinsey, 23, from Birmingham - 48 hours before PC Carroll's killing.

    The Real IRA claimed responsibility for murdering the soldiers as they collected a pizza from a delivery driver at the gates of the Massereene Barracks in Antrim earlier this month.

    Six of the nine still in detention have launched a High Court action in Belfast challenging their extended detention.

    They are the first people to be held in Northern Ireland under the Terrorism Act of 2006 which means they can be held for up to 28 days.

    Only one of the six, prominent Craigavon republican Colin Duffy - being questioned about the soldiers' murders - has been identified; the others have been granted anonymity.
  2. When the ceasefire, GFA and surrender of weapons was taking place this 17 year old was a mere baby. I am am angered but ask the obvious question, what is a 17 year old doing killing a brave PSNI Officer when during the 'childs' lifetime all he will have known is peace?

    It shows how low PIRA will stoop, not a short step away from AQ sending a child suicide bomber to carry out their dirty work. The stranglehold on hardline PIRA members must be tighter than anyone thought. How they ever thought sending a 17 year out would strengthen their cause will be beyond ever the most dissident of Republicans. Maybe.

    R.I.P PC Stephen Carroll
  3. These aren't the provos, they are the real(iests) and continuation(als).

    Not fully sure what the difference is like, but different names.

    Court work against the length of detention, eh? Seems like someone hasn't been watching the news and noted the passing of certain acts.

    Either that or they are stupid enough to believe they aren't terrorist scum. Perhaps a swift closure to this matter will put others off, when they realise that whilst the fig.11s are off the streets, their are still mechanisms in place to hunt them down.

    And the 17 year old needs his head fcuking reading.
  4. The IRA under whatever guise have never been prone to respecting childhood innocence whae it comes to furthering their aims. For decades children have been used as dickers and spies some as young as 9. I can remember being stationed in NI in the 80s in a fairly peaceful area, for a week during the summer some children were playing outside the gates to the barracks. A sharp soldier noticed that these kids arrived at the same time each day, all had packed lunches and were collected at the same time each day as if they were on an organised school trip. The matter was reported to the police as suspect, it turned out these kids were from the Falls road. Playing outside an Army base is not a crime unfortunately back then there was nothing they could do the parents with under the law.
    Todays IRA under whatever guise are no different, they will influence and use children to further their evil aims. I almost puked last night when I heard Adams bleating about human rights.
  5. Good work by PSNI - now let's hope the legal system backs them all the way and that they eventually get those mad older men (and women) hiding in the shadows with their bitter and twisted notions of exclusive "irishness".
    And no GFA type "justice" - just long years as criminals in a hostile prison environment.
  6. Is it just me that thinks this bloke has been given up because they shot one of their own(Catholic)!!! The 17yr old is young enough to hack his sentence and be out in 10-15yrs and still live to a ripe old age "free"
  7. Lock the little shite up over here and see how he likes a few years locked up with "the enemy". Im sure our own young criminals would like to meet him.
  8. IF the evidence is there and he is found guily, there is now no excuse for this little scroat NOT to get a WHOLE LIFE TERM, with NO remission!

    Why ONE SO young, where did he get the training and the weapon?
  9. He's only 17, he'll be out in 8 yrs. If blair had anything to do with it (and I mean the wife of) he'll probably get a suspended seentence.
  10. Most likely because he was the only one stupid enough to undertake the "mission"
  11. It shows that they're desperate enough to start using children to do their dirty work. As mentioned elsewhere, what hate must this boy have to do this, or is it a new doctrine by the CIRA/Real IRA to start using some type of extreme brainwashing or propaganda?

    It's scary. Perhaps it will come out in the near future, but if this boy has no republican connections and has never appeared on the radar before (which I doubt with the quick arrest) then what next?

    Or could it be the dissidents using more of a criminal element rather than more of a sectarian background?
  12. CIRA in that area have a number of very young members. He is far from the only teenager involved with them.

    This isn't a new thing, PIRA also recruited and used teenagers. The only difference is that they move up into the ops cells quicker as the DR organisations are smaller.
  13. Well I was 17 when I joined. Hardly an excuse in any respect.
  14. Good work on behalf of the PSNI on this result,

    but hopefully the CPS won't mess this up & the scroat gets whats deserved!

    however having only 1 "young" teenager charged for an incident & that the DR's other individuals have been allowed for their details to be kept private except for Mr Duffy may show that he's been used by the DR's as an escape goat maybe??

    Teenagers are just as active within the DR's as the mainstream organisations, even though some media stories state other things?
  15. Charging is one thing. I'll reserve any satisfaction until a guilty verdict is reached, either for this scumbag or any of the others still sitting in Antrim serious crime suite. There's a way to go yet before a court verdict. As for Adams and the others bleating about the human rights of those detained - they make me want to boke. Chunts.