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Hi peeps,
Due to the recent murders at Masarene Bks,it has been decided to employ over 160 extra Northern Ireland Security Guard Service peeps to guard TA camps accross the province & they are currently recruiting.
So does anyone know thier website address present they have re-called some Ex-RIR HS I gather according to the chap I was chatting to at Sunnyside TA last night but I stoopidly forgot to ask.
murff576 said:
The vacancies are on the the mod civ job website:

Bugger of a stupid form!

Murff, applied already, waiting, Out
You are not wrong!Seemed to be missing a lot of the important stuff you get on application forms like 'exam results' & the like.
I thought the 'qualifications section was bloody aweful with those drop down menus.
It took me well over an hour to complete with my slow connection.
Anyone have an idea if the N.I.S.G.S are recruiting this year? Seeing as they're technically police specials would they have a drive on in line with the regular police?

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