Northern Ireland: Round 2

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Villiers, continuing the tradition of stupid pronouncements from Secretaries of State in Northern Ireland, says that troops will never again be employed on the streets of the Province, but the former most senior operational Special Branch officer in the Republic, Peter Maguire, believes that there is a problem.

    I suppose we can go on turning blind eyes to everything that happens in Sinn Fein's little world of lie and hypocrisy, while they continue to tell the world that all is rosy, but I get the impression that both governments have dropped the ball, badly. Certainly, 'republican' gangsterism is rampant in the Republic, while the rate of incidents in the North continues to rise. I think there's a problem, too.
  2. There is, but as long as it's internecine nobody is going to do a hand's turn about it.

    Nor should they to be honest.
  3. Its always been the same, their is an acceptable level that as long as it stays in The Province and it is mainly factional and criminal then it will be tolerated. It does not affect the mainland so the mainstream parties will put up with it.
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  4. "Toleration" is clearly the keyword, I think. And as you say, an 'acceptable' level of deluded thuggishness seems to be the goal for the political class, which only really wants peace for itself.
  5. I think troop levels were set at the time of the GFA
  6. You mean the local government?
  7. The point being that it doesn't remain in the Province. There's been a tacit arrangement between UVF and PIRA derivatives on the transit and sale of drugs within Ireland. Both elements have access to small arms and markets and accommodate each others' requirements as they arise. Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and London are all centres for the transit of drugs, in many instances in exchange for small arms. The Welsh coast provides useful harbours and drop off points to boot.

    At what point does the matter change from being a 'political' turf war to that of a common criminal activity as police stats, under the influence of Westminster and Stormont would want to describe it?
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  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    isn't it time we let the irish army have a go? let the prods kick off and cause the upset for a change while we ferry arms to them
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  9. At the point someone is caught in the act outside of NI.
  10. They've no more desire to play than the British army.
  11. Irish army deal with IEDs week in week out in courtesy of the dissident criminality An Irish police man was killed January in that peace loving town, Dundalk trying to stop a robbery.
  12. Unless, you had missed it, there has a fair amount of 'prod kicking off'. The 'unionist' (sic) bigots are all upset over some silly flags.
  13. I have never thought the GFA would last, in the last two years, in the last 6mths more so.
    There's too much munition being "found" lying about, eventually some kid, plod etc is going to stumble by on a "viable" device that was meant to be "found" only for it to go which point the tit for tat begins again.

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  14. There were reductions, but there is no limit.

    Indeed when the ira (through their political wing) wanted ALL troops out of NI they were told to wind it, and that NI would have similar numbers as other areas of UK.
  15. The numbers of troops are pretty moot in relation to terrorist/internecine violence.