Northern Ireland RMP

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by ruthe5082, May 3, 2008.

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  1. I have just being posted to N Ireland , I was just wondering if any RMP on this forum are there now or have recently served in Northern Ireland. I am just wondering what other peoples views are on it and if they have any useful information.
  2. Firstly if you are at Southwick now, as you claim, then you are in the place to ask. Secondly, please god, tell me you're not one of ours. Have standards really dropped so low that our own do not know to use capitals for 'RMP' and have so little command of the english language that they do not know how to construct a sentence, nor how to spell?

    Edited to add: Well done on the partial correction of your post. However if you are going to change a post to correct it, try correcting all of it :twisted:
  3. Halo

    Sign of the times mate............ they never should have binned the 'Best Book'
  4. Looking at that, they shouldn't have binned Peter and Jane books :wink: I'm off to hide in a bunker (not an Austrian cellar though) until such times as this type of atrocity has passed 8O
  5. Doesnt take the brains of an archbishop to know his name / number either....
  6. Maybe he thinks this is Armynet? :roll:
  7. Very sorry, I didn't relise I was undertaking an English Language test, very sorry my old China, now I am sure I have better grades than you, as the standards of the RMP have increased dramtically over the years, and call me old fashioned but grade A's are hard to achieve , but I have two grade A's in English Language and English Literature so I do believe Enlish is a strong subject, however i dont normally use Queens English on a forum.
  8. Take your Enlish and shove it along with your grade A results up your arrse you naive cnut.

    As far as RMP standards rising then where the fcuk do you get that from???? Again my naive cnut comment comes in handy.
  9. Is that a wah Daniel?
  10. Ladies, ladies we were all nigs once.
  11. May I refer you to the comment made by Bossdog.
  12. I was never as misguided as this idiot though.
  13. True can't argue with that.
  14. Indeed we were but I'm sure most of us wouldn't have made ourselves so easy to identify before being a bit of a prat. Most of us, on here, keep our ID to ourselves, which also means Rank and location. Our little chum(if he is actually one of ours) has given up that advantage. :twisted:

    edited to add: and you know what the Corps is like, reputations travel faster than light :lol:
  15. I am also sure that your grades are better. I doubt that (better) is true of your knowledge/understanding of the subject.