Northern Ireland - Racism is the new Sectarianism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Unbelievable! Do we know if it's 'Catholic' thugs or 'Prots' who are at the root of this latest bit of nastiness in the Province? The Beeb seem keen not to say, but South Belfast???

    Fcuking shamefull.

    MacGuinness says it's unacceptable so it's probably 'Loyalists'
  2. As the nearest Catholic area is the Markets and the houses are beteen Tochmona and the Village/Sandy Row, take a guess.

    Can't see why anyone is surprised tough, they enjoy this sort of thing over there.
  3. Taughmonagh ffs. As for the rest of your statement, my response is 'KNOB'
  4. Boil your head. However you spell the nasty little sh1thole it is a festering pit of psychopaths and yes I do know what I am talking about.

    You people just love getting p1ssed (for the courage) and gathering into mobs to pick on those who can't defend themselves. Not so brave when the 'RA kicks off though.
  5. It's a little hard to address racism when the first thing out of the Tankie's mouth was "Fcuking boggies." (Notwithstanding his Irish mother.)

    But I did notice that the church that picked these people up and gave them shelter was a local Protestant church.
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Mate,that's been going on over here for years,When I was working for NTL pre 96,the was posters along the lines of 'get them out' stuck to our street cabinets off the Lisburn Rd.My money's on student's as the attacks seem to be confined to these areas where the are a huge amount of rental properties.
  7. No doubt they'll be given nice big new houses in England somewhere instead. Why are Romanians in NI anyway? Is there a war in Romania? Oh, silly me, They're after our free housing, national health system, schooling and benefits.
  8. STAND TOO! 8O
  9. I's about time that Government wether national or local, stop pampering to these so called immigrants, How come whole communities can be accepted into this country and placed all in one place,

    when I know plenty of british families that need council type housing, cannot ever seem to keep their own families within the local town never mind in a community.

    Oh yes I forgot now we are getting more and more "no-go" areas because these "communities" take over areas and that causes problems all round.

    I ask the question. If these groups of people can come to the UK and set up a "community" of their own countrymen, how come they cannot achieve this in their own country? wonder which country has welfare system and which dont.
  10. Can anybody explain to me where Martin McGuiness gets the moral authority to condemn anything?
  11. There's fecking hundreds of them over here, nearly every set of traffic lights has at least 4 or 5 Romanian pikeys flogging the Belfast Telegraph. The local shops are plagued with them flogging the Big Issue and then theres the ones playing weird musical instruments that sound like someone swinging a cat around by its knackers. The worst of all are the women who sit in shop doorways begging in all types of weather holding out their hand whilst cradling some poor baby.
    We also have quite a few Poles who have set up Car washing/valeting buisnesses and they're busy from dawn too dusk and do a bloody good job and don't rely on charity and Benifiets.
  12. Its called "Double Standards" I'm afraid :wink:
  13. Probably the same place all politicians get it from.
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Out their arrses? 8O

  15. These we know if they're Catholic Romanians or Protestant Romanians?