northern ireland pics?

does any one know of web sites that host pics of soldiers serving in ulster, id like to see personal pics taken by troops who were serving there ect,any ideas
r6ix said:
does any one know of web sites that host pics of soldiers serving in ulster, id like to see personal pics taken by troops who were serving there ect,any ideas
Any serving soldiers in the Provence posting pictures would be compromising PERSEC by posting pictures!
well even old photos from yrs ago would be ok,pics from the troubles would be a lot better,i spend a lot of time there and just want to see what it was like from a phot point of view, thanx
hmmmmm if u was there then why do you want pics m8y??????? my dad served there during trhe troubles and i know he doesn't want pics to remind him what it was like
So if you've never served there during the troubles, yet you say you spend a lot of time in the North, prey tell why you have the UDR capbadge as your avatar? Surely any member of the UDR would have been there at the worst of times.
Be advised, this person asked stupid and invasive questions on another similar site and legged it when they were challenged. He/she is either a tout or a fool, so ignore them. By the way, i see your avatar is no longer the UDR badge - if it were, i would take personal offence at your misuse of it.
Yeah I figured as much. Was quiet weary of this poster, hence my initial post. S/he posted here giving a link to photos that they'd supposedly taken in NI. They look as though anyone could have taken them; civvy, RUC, army....provo. But to then ask for "web sites that host pics of soldiers serving in ulster" would appear to be someone fishing for some easy int.

PERSEC may have slipped a bit since GFA, but RIRA are still out there plotting.

What was the other site were they sniffing around out of interest?
Yeah apparently peace has broken out :roll: I think PIRA are too busy running their excise scams and other assorted criminal activities to bother with violence these days :wink:
it was on NIVA - and persec is as tight there as here, especially as far as these questions are concerned. Put it this way - members 'trades' are wide and varied, as well as sensitive.

Had a quick 'skelly' through these photos - would agree that they were taken from a passing vehicle or 'on the juke', but are really 'tourist' photos. Not sure about the commemoration one - may have been taken in the Republic as a car would not be allowed that close to a colour party - PIRA/SF 'opsec'.
One of the pics on the photobucket album is taken from beside the IRA colour party at Milltown,no one gets that close without contacts ,watchout.
Agreed. Not something you would accidentally stumble upon. Invites only I would imagine and I bet there's somebody on the door.
r6ix or whatever your name is, absorb a few basic facts.

Few if any personnel on this site want to ruminate to an outsider at the things they have seen, felt and later thought about whilst serving in NI. Therefore the mission you are on, ill-timed and poorly thought out will not result in anyone compromising PERSEC/OPSEC.

We have families we care about and will not put them at risk for anyone.

Stand down and desist in this venture.

Hmmm.. Anyone else check the EXIF data on the pics?
I made it two Sony's & a Fuji... But no matter.
manchestercop said:
space_commander said:
but RIRA are still out there plotting.
You sound like you believe the PIRA have taken the peaceful route.... 8O
PIRA/RIRA- No difference; they're still dancing to Adams' and McGuiness's tunes, despite all the sh*te about 'decommissioning' and Sinn Fein being part of the democratic process.

It pays them to keep a few loonies running around, hiking up the pressure whenever they need it, and then Adams can spout some sickeningly pious cr*p about the need for 'movement in the process'... Then again he can point to 'arms decommissioned by the IRA' as proof of intent- arms which they probably thought were compromised to the security forces anyway, so they get double duty out of them...

It doesn't take the brains of an Archbishop to work it out and anyone who thinks any different must have their head up their arrse... But then, of course, wishful thinking can obscure the most foul smell and call it something else...

'Another slice of Rochforte, your Grace?' 8O

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