Northern Ireland pay etc

I have just been offered a posting across the water and need to think about it and give my decision on tuesday morning.
I havn't been over there for 8 years and I have no idea what the current situation is with things like N.I. pay and N.I. long wknds etc.
can anybody shed any light on what you get at the moment?
You still get 4 x NI long weekends, plus the same amount of warrants (12 if single or MU, 4 if MA).

Security situation is worsening - you tend not to see too much of it in the mainland news, but no-where near as bad as it was. You do have alot more freedom to get out and about.
But at least your only a few miles from Belfast and theres a tescos about 2 mins walk from the camp and the lisburn swimmers is in walking distance as well. Theres a cinema close by and bow street mall is only around the corner. Inside the camp i havent a clue though.
The camp is not that bad... plenty of facilities, good accomm etc etc. PM me for more details if you like..... I'm flying back to Thiepval tonight

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