Northern Ireland mod - Should I continue?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Squiggers, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. Well, a while back, posted about a Northern Ireland mod, that I'd been developing since Novemember, last year.

    Thing is, due the recent level of violence, and the outbreaks, I'm seriously looking at shelving it, at least, for several months, but in the mean time, work on something else, so the work that has been done, is lost.

    Personally, I'm thinking of continuing, but if there's another loss of life, I'm definitely not. Even now, I've had the first republican knobber have a strop over it, on it's ModDB profile, which I responded to, perhaps... too harshly, but I don't like gobshites, I'm afraid.

    ModDB profile here, in fact:

    Am I right, or wrong, for continuing this, until theres another loss of life?

    (I would like to add, I'm not serving and i'm not ex-military, before somebody says otherwise.)

    Please, I would prefer some constructive comments, not "You're a prick. Get out.", where possible. :(


  2. I would probably keep going with it, just don't avertise/talk much about it until things have settled down again.
  3. Mm, that's pretty much what I've had in mind, but it's really if it starts hotting up again, that it worries me.

    Cheers, however mate.
  4. squiggers, there will always be gobshites who slag off your work - whatever the pretext. i don't think there is anything sick in developing this - it's historically based. there are games out there for iraq, which is still going on.

    crack on and don't pay any attention to the opposition. if you need to appease republicans, tell them they can play it as the other side :roll:
  5. We considered that at the start, putting in a IRA storyline but... the amount of extra work we'd have to put in, it'd set development time back by about 6-8 months, not least in putting in new levels, and developing a storyline for it. Too much work, and we'd be at it too long. Plus, I wouldn't feel entirely comfortable offing a squaddie, or planting a bomb, or even writing that for a plot line.

    Mm, this Republican chap appears to be rather thick, in fact.
    I deleted my comments about what he'd said, as I'd read them over, and thought they were too harsh. Only... He saw them first, and decided to comment, after one of my team, with a less hot-head than me, commented. In fact, you can see it on the comments area on the ModDB page.

    I'm not too impressed. May I ask, is this too harsh, to respond with...?

    I'm feeling a Flashy mood coming on.... :roll:
  6. Go for it.
  7. Keep going, and good luck. You could ask here for some scenarios as well. How about the team arrests the wrong man, and faces an immediate riot of 200 people, trapped up a cul-de-sac? The Relief Column arrives, but one of the trucks overheats when the fan belt breaks. That should keep you busy for a while longer.

    I'll rapidly get my coat.
  8. How about the para stick that accidentally wanders 100 metres into Eire and the single local Gaurda tries to arrest them?? love to see if anyone gets the 100% answer on that one!
    Genuine "Zanusi-land" fridge from the Divis for one lucky buyer.
    Original bricks as thrown, obviously not signed.
    Coffee jars, (supply your own nails).
    Free yellow card for first 1000 buyers.

    Whos going to buy a game where your NOT allowed to shoot anything? (as per R of E, you are only legal to shoot for 0.47 of a second, not when he is holding the coffee jar and not when he has thrown the coffee jar but only whilst he is throwing the coffee jar (Nescafe I think, only the best)).

    Good luck I say, if you can produce a game where the fustrations of walking the streets can be brought into the living room..........................I,m going to have to come back to you on this one.
  9. Suggest you look at the link I gave mate. the Super Booties (Screw THEM, they're over used...) didn't exactly have as much of the boredem to deal with, and didn't exactly have to do the same job in NI, as your average squaddie did they? Most of it's working on atmosphere, and the overall feel, not the combat, but there is gonna be some in it - and hopefully as realistic as possible. Lot of even mainstream games lack that, never mind mods.

    Plus, as it's a mod, so no issues about someone whinging that they've spent their money for something they don't like....

    Mind you, I did post up asking whether people thought I should continue it, not about content, you numpty. :wink:
  10. Fair enough, just thought the humour that kept us going might have been a factor in the game.
  11. Ohhh, trust me, I'm getting a lot of that in. I mean, we've got a Scouser, and a Highlander, set as two of the main characters, for starters...

    Still, don't worry - I'm trying to get it as realistic as possible, and try and get as much army style humour in as I can.
  12. OK!!! Im first in the queue! good luck, go for it!

    Scouser, does that mean that items on my inventory will suddenly go missing?
  13. Company Jumble Sale, anybody?
  14. Heh, there will be some comments in regards to that, mainly "You dirty theiving scouser, where the hell have my boots gone...?".

    Anyway, cheers for the positive comments guys, much appreciated.