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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Baghdad-Brit, Aug 15, 2005.

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  1. With the impending cessation of operational action in NI, when will the GSM stop being issued?

    I assume it will be when the actual Ops (names witheld) are officially ended.

    I ask because if they stop soon, in 4 or 5 yrs time the GSM will be a rarer medal as opposed to the only one people had years ago. :?
  2. There is no such thing as the Northern Ireland medal. (Actually there is the Northern Ireland Home Service Medal (NIHSM) but it is only issued to HS Part Time R IRISH Officers and soldiers after 12 years efficient service.)

    The General Service Medal (1969) with the Northern Ireland Clasp is what you are referring to - the medal will go on but the Northern Ireland Clasp will cease to be issued on 01 Aug 07 when OP BANNER finishes.

    Thats of course if OP BANNER finishes and we all live happily ever after...
  3. TZA,
    Will the GSM (thought it was 1962 by the way) continue? What other clasps are still extant as no more are being issued and variations on the OSM (as issued in SL and Afghanistan) have now replaced it? The 'Air Ops Iraq' died once TELIC kicked off and I believe the 'Gulf' clasp was dead before that.
  4. I think MM is right. Apparently, when (if?) Op Banner finishes, the ribbon will be 'retired' and the award of the GSM 1962 will cease, with subsequent 'minor' ops attracting the award of an OSM with a seperate ribbon (rather than bar) for each operation.
  5. When Op. Banner is wrapped up, so too will the GSM62 (excuse the anorak-speak). Rest assured, it is not a rare medal.
  6. its about time the medal was stopped, it more dangerous shopping in London than it is walking through the Shantallow in uniform.
    If its a case of 'the threat' then why dont we get a gong for the Falklands? Argentina are still bumping their gums about the Islands belonging to them.
  7. MM

    Yep, should have said 1962 - must have been a brain fart!

    Can't uinderstand why they would retire the GSM 62 at the end of Op Banner as it is a "universal" type of campain medal and it is the clasp which identifies the campaign the individula served in.

    I can understand retiring the clasp"Northern Ireland" though.

    I'm nearly certain I have seen 'old boys' wearing the GSM 62 with other clasps on it but can't remember what expedition that they were for...

  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    GSM 62 has been retired as the medal, in theory can take no more bars. Same as the GSM 1918, which was retired about 1962.
  9. Rare though it is that I bite to an "observation", I would wish to remind TZA that my original post was referring to the GSM (see above for basic reminder). Having done a few tours over the water I am aware that a NI medal does not exist which is why I asked when the GSM will cease issue.

    I do however thank all for the threads so far.

    As my old geography teacher used to say - read the question.

  10. QDGs with 'Lebanon' clasp on the GSM from when they went into Beirut in 1983.
  11. TZA,
    As Ventress suggests, it's something to do with the amount of bars a medal can have before being 'retired'. There are loads of clasps, aside from NI the one's I've heard about or seen are:

    Air Ops Iraq (Ops associated with the old Northern and Southern NFZs 1992-2003).
    Gulf (RN Maritime Interdiction up to the first Gulf War).
    Lebanon (you guys and the SH force on ops in Beirut 1984 ish).
    South Arabia.

    What I don't understand is why can't they replace it with a GSM(2003)? The way we all get sent on ops these days getting a ribbon for each one will make us all look like Spams in short order.

  12. I always wanted the chance to get a 2nd bar to my GSM.

    Guess I'll never get the chance now!
  13. Without out trying to be a spotter (but failing), MM has it slightly wrong.

    There were 2 bars for the Gulf war 91. One for Op SAFE HAVEN, RM support for the Kurds. My Boss has one, but can't remeber exactly the writing. The second says KUWAIT on the bar, indicating those who arrived after the war but helped tidy up Kuwait in the aftermath.
    Many of the "silly" wars of teh 70s are in there - DHOFAR, YEMAN, OMAN etc

    One of the medals we have in the Unit Histroy room has 12 bars - it dates from the pennisular war, so any max amount must be a new rule (well new since 1814)
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