Northern Ireland: Mayor says bomb is an 'attack on the future of Derry'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. Reported on BBC Radio 5 Live too
    The Telegraph
    Derry Mayor Colm Eastwood says the bomb that exploded outside City of Culture office in the centre of Londonderry is an attack on the future the people of the city "have fought very hard to achieve'.
    Army bomb disposal experts were dispatched to Guildhall Square within the city walls but the bomb exploded before they could defuse it, on Wednesday night.

    No casualties were reported.

    The office houses the organising committee for Londonderry's term as UK City of Culture in 2013, an award likely to bring in significant investment and tourism.

    "It's an attack on the future of Derry because the City of Culture represents a positive future for this city – one that the people have fought very hard to achieve," said Derry Mayor Colm Eastwood.

    In January a group of Irish militants claimed responsibility for another bomb explosion at the same office.

    Video: Northern Ireland: Mayor says bomb is an 'attack on the future of Derry' - Telegraph

    BBC News - Derry City of Culture office bomb 'crazy'
  2. Saw all about this on myface last night, apparantly there were 5 'suspicious objects'. City of Culture offices are gettin er tight think thats the 2nd time this has happened.