Northern Ireland Legacy: Op BANNER veterans get their say

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by defenceheadquarters, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. A Consultative Group on the Past chaired by former Church of Ireland Primate Dr Robin Eames and Dennis Bradley, are asking that all those affected by the legacy of the events in Northern Ireland over the past 40 years to share their views. This includes those who have served and worked in Northern Ireland as part of the armed forces.

    In an open letter, Mr Bradley and Dr Eames say:

    Since its formation in June, group has been "encouraged" by the response it has received from individuals, non-governmental groups, statutory bodies and Governments who have contacted them with offers of assistance and support.

    The aim of the group, which, independent from government, is to help establish a consensus across Northern Ireland on the best way of dealing with the legacy of the past.

    Individuals or groups who wish to express their views on how Northern Ireland can move towards a shared future have until December 7 to offer written submissions for consideration.

    The body intends to make recommendations to the Secretary of State on steps that may be taken to support society in building a shared future that is not overshadowed by the events of the past by next summer.

    The group can be contacted at, The Secretary to Consultative Group on the Past, 20 Adelaide Street, Belfast BT2 8GD or by email to
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    All very nice but what is the aim of this? Is it anything more than job generation or is there some purpose to the exercise other than talking?
  3. My thoughts exactly.....I hardly think a little email to whoever, talking about my time served in NI will affect the future at all. It seems like a waste of oxygen if you ask me (and apparently I'm an expert on that matter ;) )
  4. You'd really think that people like these two gentlemen of the cloth would have learned, wouldn't you?

    Buzzword for today: "Consociational". "The technical term for this kind of comment is a statement of the bleeding obvious...."
  5. Surely this will overlap with the work of he Independent Monitoring Commission, who have visited at least one military unit in NI for just the same purpose.
  6. My experience of being bored to fcuk in a sanger will no doubt help the healing process
  7. I fell in a burn and got my balls soaked while on patrol outside Forkhill. There, does everyone feel better?
  8. Is it OK if I say that I still really, really hate all the paddy bas***ds from Turf Lodge and Andytown who used to throw bricks at me in the 1970s?

    Looking on the positive side however, I hit them with my baton gun more times than they hit me with the bricks...


  9. Group hug time to the Nolan Sister's 'Im in the mood for dancing' while being secretly jealous of the south's economic upturn!

    We all know they should have put the loyalist on a boat and nuked the entire fcuking island of Ireland..... and then sank the boat and now they all want to play nicely - FCUK OFF!
  10. To fecking true :x

    I was 'invited' once to meet a group of ex-terrorists and tell them how Ulster affected me, then they would tell me how the troubles affected them, and i suppose we would have tea and cake afterwards. Looking back on the invite if id gone, and tried to brain the tw*ts, would it have derailed the whole peace process or just showed i fecking still hate them. :x
  11. I think this is aimed at ex-R Irish (HS) rather than troops from the mainland.
  12. It grips my shi't to think our taxes help pay Gerry and Martin's MLA wages - If I'm ever diagnosed with terminal cancer, I'll be seeing those to boys with crosshairs over their heads before I pop my clogs!
  13. All this peace and happeness bollox and yet they are still trying to blame the lads for Bloody Sunday and will not be happy until they get a guilty verdict against them,to feckin hell with the Consultative Group
  14. A goverment who let Dickies killer out early cos its da peace process ya know, didnt think or care for his widow nor his friends, who had to watch them coming out all clenched fists as though they had won the lottery.

    Oh forgot they did win the lottery didnt they, the lottery of life, where the hundreds of our lads who died over there did it for fecking sod all, no welcome homes, no nothing.

    Makes me puke watching people like paisley and adams all smiles, and their grinning cohorts in the background, all smiling as the cash flows in and they get rich, were our honoured dead get colder and forgotten as history marches on.

    Sorry no messages of peace or reconciliation from me.
  15. I would have thought that was relatively simple. Pursue and prosecute the criminals, and identify and support the victims.

    The current plan, however, seems to be the exact reverse of this particular strategy.