Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ducati916, Apr 12, 2005.

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  1. When is this dated and to an extent totally unfair system going to cease. Whilst people coming from the rest of the UK can bugger off in the drop of a hat, I have to apply for leave 6 weeks in advance. On top of that I have to go to a RIR Bn Int cell to get a briefing within 24hrs of arrival, which to all accounts, is teaching me to suck eggs. Which takes up a morning of my leave due to travelling etc.

    I can understand someone not from NI, applying for general leave, to do the security clearance etc etc, but whilst my family are residing back home, I still have to go through the process. 21 years later and I am still doing it. Before anyone shouts, its for your own good,

    1. I come from there, and am very aware of where to go and where not to go.
    2. My 9 years service in NI, has given me lots of experience again of where to go and where not to go.
    3. My personal security is not an issue and never has been.
    4. The area I live in is no security threat and not one incident has occurred during the time of the troubles.

    Although I will have to keep applying for leave through this channel, it just really annoys me. Whilst I am in my last 19 months of service I just cannot take the risk and bugger off when I feel like it. An unfortunate car accident, injury, any event that will put me in the firing line(not literally) does not allow me to do this, especially with my pension looming.

    I know this system works well for the people who need it, but surely some common sense can be applied in certain cases, i.e if I want to go home on short notice (lets say the CO has given the Unit a long weekend out of the blue, it does happen every now and then :D ), when I get home all I have to do is contact the Int cell nearest to me and inform them I am home for whatever length of time it maybe, and if there is any burning issues they need to discuss with me, I would be quite happy to go in and see them.

    Thank you for reading

    Rant over :roll:
  2. That seems like a perfectly reasonable rant to me, but have you actually raised it with anyone in authority, suggesting what you've written above?
  3. Yes Dozy, I have, but as with everything in the Army, they are not going to rewrite Leave Regs for a handful of people, and there is no margin for applying common sense either. I am stuffed either way I take my leave, so the safe option is the only idiot proof way I can do it, until that is they decide to update the regs :roll:
  4. :oops: I thought you probably had, but occasionally people get annoyed about things and sound off, but not to the people who can do anything about it. :roll: By the sounds of it you've not got too much time left to deal with it, but the idea may filter up (at the speed of light that all governmental policies move! :D ) and a soldier in the year 2050 may not have to be inconvenienced, thanks to your idea! :wink:
  5. Is there not an issue based on PSNI claims that PIRA are still mounting intelligence operations. Easy thing to watch the indoctrination centre and identify those who go there for briefing?
  6. Sorry I spotted this thread so late, but are you aware that it is possible to apply for blanket permission to enter and leave NI? This allows you to move freely without this stupid 6 weeks nonsense. It is especially valuable when you are leaving and are travelling backwards and forwards for interviews etc. Sadly the unhelpful twats in many RAO don't tell people about this sort of thing. Also make sure you put in mileage claims for attending these briefings.

    I used to have to travel to watch a video on security, and I would not have minded but it was made at my house and the "actors" were my family.
  7. Maybe it's because not everyone in the RAO has had experience of dealing with NI leave matey ? Or perhaps you just want some specky wee lance jack not 2 minutes oot of training to wipe yer ARRSE for ya so you can get the warm fuzzy fealing that everyone around is dancing to your tune ? Or how about this for a solution - everytime you turn up to th RIR int cell, they do yer paperwork for you so you do not have to clear for leave six weeks in advance - OR is it just so much easier to blame the Admin Office ??
  8. Seeing that your cage had been rattled and you have well and truely bitten, I shall answer by saying that the same unhelpful members of Admin Offices that I dealt with are the very ones who would consistently quote rules and regulations at me as and when it suited them. NI leave regulations are one such set. Instead of using rules to stop me and others doing things and telling us why we cannot do them how about for a refreshing change using them to help? Personally I am quite capable of travelling to NI and conducting myself both responsibly and safely and would be quite happy to do so without the interference of the RAO, but given that when serving that is not an option, and these rules are forced upon those travelling to NI, the least the RAO could do is know the bloody things in the first place.
  9. I sympathise with the pain in the arrse predicament of NI leave. I had to jump through the same hoops and what was of concern to me was the prospect of turning up for the sy brief in the province in the in-laws car and turning it into a target. Not really likely in the area I was visiting, but a worry nonetheless.

    In this marvellous technological age, I would have hoped that a brief could be given on the UK side before departure. But why bother to make things simpler? There is a reason for such briefings - there are plenty of no-go areas where a kicking is likely (from both sides) and the system has to cater for the lowest common denominator. But why not make it easy?
  10. Seems I may have jumped the gun a wee bit blotbangrub apologies for that. However If your Admin office is as unhelpful as you suggest, then perhaps a wee word up your Coy/Sqn?bty whatever chain of command may come in useful.