Northern Ireland forum- could do with some help.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by NI_1, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. Afternoon all, I have been a long time reader of the forum and it is clear that a hefty number on here served on Op Banner and also there are quite a few NI users here.

    I really hope this doesn't get shot down in a hail of insults. As someone who is proud to be from Northern Ireland I was saddened and downright embarrassed to watch as yet another summer in Belfast has seen such unrest and disorder.

    I have deiced to make a basic proboards forum, aimed at being a community-driven platform for the people of Northern Ireland. I want to try (even in a small way) bring together people from all sides of the conflict and attempt to promote greater understanding, reduce community divisions and push the issue of inter-community development.

    It is very early days of the forum and anyone interested in helping out can you please visit and join

    It really would be very much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  2. Sorry but LOL.

    And I really am laughing out loud.
  3. ................................Good luck mate.

    You're not the first one to try & you won't be the last.

    Unfortunately for you, a small minority of your fellow countrymen will do their damnest to make sure you fail!

    But don't lose heart, without people who think along your lines, it wouldn't get any better.
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  4. Cheers for the replies lads. I know its pretty ambitious. Even if I got through to a few I'd be happy. Its a ball ache even trying to get members on this.

    I am hoping to get some decent discussions going. Like I said, anyone that takes the time to register it would be greatly appreciated. The place needs all the help it can get.
  5. It's a ball ache because most people have seen it before and if they bother to think about it at all will assess the likely progression and not bother their arses.

    There's a certain inevitability about asking people to discuss Northern Irish "issues" behind a blanket of anonymity.
  6. Fair one, the offer still stands for anyone on here that wishes to at least attempt to help get this off the ground.
  7. Upon a quick flick through the bookmarks, you're around a couple of pre-existing NI "chats".

    What is it that they don't do that you want to?

    Edit:- I'd remove the Banner references from the more general discussion boards BTW.
  8. I'm certainly not on a "few". But I am on the Belfast forum, which I joined to promote the board. Thanks B_B.
  9. Have you read it much?

    That's a board that is moderated to the nth degree. I wouldn't even try posting there, I might as well just ban myself. Annnnd.... It's twee to the point of actually whiffing a bit of strong tea and digestive biscuits.

    Yet, when you actually read the threads you'll realise that any political debate there at all consists almost entirely of very subtle baiting. Yes, every post starts with "I respect your right to hold that opinion" and ends with "God bless" but the content is almost always calculated to get a rise, within the limits that the mods will allow. Study it or any length of time and you'll catch on the fact that the "sport" is in getting someone of the opposite political view to bite and be moderated. Try a Saturday night about the time that the pensioner bars close.... :)

    I can see exactly what you want to do and it's laudable, but from experience dating back to the usenet group which is... Oh 20 years hence, You're providing a platform for a slanging match, either be prepared to moderate it on a full time basis (the NI boards that survive are all commercially hosted) or get ready for a solicitors letter. That's assuming you get it off the ground with any meaningful numbers.
  10. Perhaps my ambition got the better of me on this. You have raised some very good and ultimately true points, I feel that my feet are firmly on the ground once more.

    I will keep it open but perhaps a re think is much needed. The request for help still stands.

    Thanks again B_B.
  11. Didn't a couple of birds from the province get a Nobel prize for trying something like this?

    There's your motivation. ;-)
  12. 6 baton rounds fired the other night. Pussies! One night in the New Lodge, we fired a few hundred. :)
  13. Aye and a mate of mine who was responsible for one of the better satirical sites, with a chat element, got his P45 from work after a press article about his online persona and the odd death threat, at least one of which was considered to be "serious".
  14. Strange how the authorities have no qualms authorising the of firing baton rounds whatever the number in Belfast, but couldn't bring themselves to fire on other UK citizens in London during those riots last year.
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  15. Indeed it is. And don't forget the water canon.