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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Squiggers, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. (Posting this here, after I asked in the Military History forum about it...)

    I've been doing some research on the Troubles, mainly round the 80-85 period of it, mainly as it interests me quite a lot.

    However, I'm stuck in regards to ground vehicles that were used - there's bugger all info on what was used, or if there is, it's incredibly sketchy, or there's very little photographic pictures of them existing - online, at any rate.

    Aerial vehicles, such as the Gazelle, and the Lynx, I've got quite a bit of information on, so it's not such an issue.

    Anybody able to help me here, please?
  2. what do you want to know?

    Depending on your location the vehicles would be different. A lot of white vehicle were used as APCs particularly in the country side. Green vehicles only in town or relatively safe area.
  3. I'm not sure if SAXON were being used in NI during the period he is interested in. I don't remember SAXON being deployed until the early/mid 90s when they binned the Pigs.

    The most common green vehicles of that period were landrovers with Macrolon armour used in both rural and urban areas. Pigs were used in urban areas and APVs may have been in service in urban areas during that time, I am not sure when they were first deployed.

    Edited to add: Does anyone know when the Shorland went out of service? I think it may still have been used at the beginning of the time frame you mentioned.
  4. The Shorland would still have been in and the ever trusty Humber Pig. There may also have been quite a few Saracens floating around. The Saxon didn't come in until the early 90's and later the Saxon Patrol.




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  5. wtf?
  6. Please expand a little as my crystal ball is still in workshops!!!
  7. We were still running Ferrets (beach buggies and turreted) in the '70s, I ve no reason to believe that they didn't survive into the '90s. Cavalry units still had the Saladin.

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  9. In XMG in the early eighties we had had two Saracens that trundled round the town but didn't go any further...One had a red cross painted on it and was used for casevac, the other had a Browning in the wee turret. Other than that, "Eagle" was your friend and hard luck if it was foggy.
  10. The big f-off copyright theft symbol pops up, for the image ye took from planefacts mate. :roll:

    Cheers for the responses so far guys.
  11. Can’t think where, Tyrone was mostly hele or white fleet unless in built up areas. UDR had some LR movement but mostly at night. No armoured vehicles at Omagh except for the Valentine at the gate. Fermanagh similar to Tyrone but more so. Local QRF would be LR any other routine patrols were hele. ATO vehicles were different but unless it was in a built up area then the RAF did the driving (when they turned up).
  12. Nice picture of a Pig on my screen but another one added.
  13. Lt Col Dewar (I think) wrote the British Army in Ulster which I think had a good section on kit. Also there was a series of books by David Barzilay which, if you can get them, were fairly thorough. I seem to recall an Osprey book on kit etc which might help.

    I reserve the right to be completely and comprehensively wrong as it is from memory and I am a distance from my bookshelves...