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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Squiggers, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. I've been doing some research on the Troubles, mainly round the 80-85 period of it, mainly as it interests me quite a lot.

    However, I'm stuck in regards to ground vehicles that were used - there's bugger all info on what was used, or if there is, it's incredibly sketchy, or there's very little photographic pictures of them existing - online, at any rate.

    Aerial vehicles, such as the Gazelle, and the Lynx, I've got quite a bit of information on, so it's not such an issue.

    Anybody able to help me here, please?
  2. Hi mate, put a post up the other day, Land Rover 110 APV-NI 1980's, in the Infantry forum.
  3. Pigs, LR, vauxhall chevettes (light blue or yellow), mini metro (brown or yellow), Bedford MK (painted brown or blue), pantechs (painted brown or blue)

    All drivers of "civilianised" vehicles had to wear ties!

    Post your request in the RLC forum and I'm sure you will get some info
  4. Ah, excellent. Cheers guys. I'll do so now. :D
  5. Hi Squiggers -

    The vehicles in us were PIGS and Piglets. The Humber Pig was an up-armoured version of the 1 Ton APC.

    The Piglet was the forerunner of the Snatch Landrover - it had armoured windscreens and lightweight armour plating - and a hatch for 2 bods to provide top cover.

    RMP had Ford Cortinas.
  6. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    In 1976 15/19H (Omagh) used Ferret, Saracen APC and Land Rovers.

    Air Squadron had Scout and Sioux helicopters.
  7. Hmm, any idea what exact model of the Ferret was used?
  8. Ford Transits that changed colour almost weekly! Montegos, Sierras. MK/MJ with makralon 'houses' on the back
  9. I had a Talbot Horizon at Bessbrook Mill.
  10. Humber 1 Ton Armoured (PIG).
    Land Rover Makralon (protection from low velocity [sic]
    Armoured Landrover (Piglet). Limited number. Used by Mike callsigns in W Belfast.
    West Belfast Bn had a Saracen ambulance.

    There were a range of civilianised cars
    standard Type B, C and D vehicles (Cavalier, Chevette and Metro) painted other than Black
    then a number of vehicles purchased in UK that were controlled by the Brigade Ordnance Officer (Me!) which were moved regularly between units.

    W did have a civilianised skip wagon in West Belfast. This was a local purchase. Though civil it was to be treated as a 'Green' vehicle and had to be escorted.

    Covert vehicles were part of FRU, 14 Int and Sy
  11. I never had to wear a tie! 85/87 and the two hooligans from our Regt (You are ex AAC?) who did the covet/admin drivers job in Aldergrove before me never did. Mind you I didn't do that job full time.

    There was a Transit and a Cortina, both I remember well, the others less so. But I seem to remeber some one getting a Civilianised wagon (ford cargo??) stuck in a tunnel.
  12. Mate
    Just to go to the start of the shenanigans,
    26sqn operated a fleet of Austin 1100s Austin 1800s with makrolon,Ford zephyr and Ford zodiacs and the general runabouts were hillman huskies,I am over 21 :D

  13. I rather think Gazelle,instead of Sioux. Watching to much MASH? :wink:
  14. Sioux and wessex were both airframes that had time in the province although i suspect that Sioux where being phased out in the early 80's sure i am sure i seen them pop into 'Palace' onnce or twice when i was there.

    tony hadley (not sure if i have spelt his name right ) wrote a series of books on the army in NI cant remember the titles but im sure someone will, they would prove invaluable for your research 'Squiggers' even if they predate the period somewhat
  15. I think you will find the Sioux was phased out in early 76,in favour of the Gazelle. First Lynx did a tour of the province in 78.