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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by VivaLaSpecOp, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. With Christmas just around the corner i will inevitably end up with a few book vouchers no doubt, so can anyone recommend a good book on the troubles in Northern Ireland, in particular anything involving the signals/ int community?
  2. A special kind of courage by Chris Ryder, more about 321 Eod but does mention us bleeps
  3. Big Boys Rules by Mark Urban (I think!) is a really good book! Well worth a read.
  4. A journyman tailor by gerald seymore
  5. Bandit country, (one of the best factual reads and if youve worked in that area you will recognise some blacked out faces)
    Brits,Provos, loyalists (excellent read look good on the bookshelf)
    Fishers of men (is ok)
    Eamon Collins (gives an ok insiders view of the rebels int structure)

    Theres a few kiss and tell types (how accurate i do not know) like 50 dead men walking, and 1033

    Avoid :steaknife, the nemisis files and other such ilk (garbage)

    Edited to say: Oh and how could i forget Harry's Game (good yarn)
  6. Having read many books on the troubles I would have to agree that this is the best, although only concentrating on South Armagh area.
    Regarding the blacked out faces, I used to have an early (possibly first) edition copy that had to be removed from sale because there were many faces not blacked out. Someone 'borrowed' it and failed to return it though.
  7. Trinity by Leon Uris.
  8. Perhaps we should all get together and do a " Voices of NI " like the IWM has about WW1/2
  9. The British Army in Ulster Vol. 1 to 4 by David Barzilay

    Out of print and the first books that I can remember being published from the Army's perspective. Lots of photographs and accurate because memories were fresh when they were written.
  10. The Rigger. About well, a rigger in NI.

    Wouldn´t bother with big boys rules though.
  11. I have a set of these. It is a shame he did not go on producing them as the years went by. As a history of the British Army on operations in its own country, it would have made a facinating collection.
  12. Bandit Country by Toby Harnden.

    Though this is just about South Armagh but still a good read.
  13. a good book for a Sig well worth a read