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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by kenny100, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. 'A Long Long War; Voices of the British Army in Northern Ireland, 1969-98' is now available at Waterstones and Borders etc. It is also available on-line at Helion, Amazon, etc.

    It is very pro-squaddie and features over 500 stories, from virtually EVERY Regiment.

    The second book - also a squaddies eyeview of the troubles is underway and I need more contributions so that the soldier's story of the forgotten war continues to be told.
    Part One: Belfast (separate chapters on Murph/Turf/Andy's Town/ Ardoyne/ Falls etc
    Part Two: Londonderry (separate chapters on Bogside/Creggan/Fountains, Gob etc
    Part Three: Rural Ulster (separate chapters on XMG, Belleek, Lisnaskea, Omagh etc)
    Part Four: Mainland and European attacks
    Part Five: Loved ones speak out.

    The next 3 events are as follows:

    Edinburgh: Blackwells bookshop : June 27
    Brecon RRW museum: July 12
    Leeds: Waterstones: August 7

    Ken Wharton
  2. Saw the cover to Long Long War in Waterstones back in May, picked it up, read the cover & promptly bought it. Excellent read & brought back a lot of buried memories. Highly recommended to anyone who was there or has a passing interest in what it was like in the bad old days.

  3. Pete, Thanks, mate; very flattered. If you would like to do a piece or two for the second book, have a look at

    Best wishes, mate


    Civvie mates share a few experiences
    Squaddie mates share a lifetime of experiences no civvie could ever dream of
  4. Didnt know about book, will be buying it tomorrow, Good luck with the 2nd one Ken, will get that when it comes out.
  5. Bill

    Thank you, mate; after reading it, perhaps you would like to write down some of your experiences for me please ? Look at

    I have events planned in Edinburgh, Brecon, Leeds and London.

    Best wishes, mate

    Civvie mates share a few experiences
    Squaddie mates share a lifetime of experiences no civvie could ever dream of
  6. Soundings like a cracking read!!!

    Now that the `War` is over, why not go the whole hog & cover the entire campaign, 1969-2007?

    Just a thought.
  7. Got it last week and is a very good read.
    One minor gripe interviews with anyone from my Bn over the 5 tours weve done just in my time.
  8. That is a great idea..

    I am currently serving in the Province and served there in 1993 also, yet to be honest, I still have a limited knowledge of what the troubles where all about and why such animosity there was towards British troops..

    After 19 years in the Army, I should really know this, but a book covering the whole period as suggested above would be a terrific read.

    Will be going out to buy 'A Long Long War' this weekend.

    I also managed to get hold of the classic 'Harrys Game' by Gerald Seymour which is also a cracking read.