Northern Ireland Book

'A Long Long War; Voices of the British Army in Northern Ireland, 1969-98' is now available at Waterstones and Borders etc. It is also available on-line at Helion, Amazon, etc.

It is very pro-squaddie and features 20-30 Gunners' stories.

The second book - also a squaddies eyeview of the troubles is underway and I need more contributions so that the soldier's story of the forgotten war continues to be told.
Part One: Belfast (separate chapters on Murph/Turf/Andy's Town/ Ardoyne/ Falls etc
Part Two: Londonderry (separate chapters on Bogside/Creggan/Fountains, Gob etc
Part Three: Rural Ulster (separate chapters on XMG, Belleek, Lisnaskea, Omagh etc)
Part Four: Mainland and European attacks
Part Five: Loved ones speak out.

The next 3 events are as follows:

Edinburgh: Blackwells bookshop : June 27
Brecon RRW museum: July 12
Leeds: Waterstones: August 7

Ken Wharton

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