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Northern Ireland Book

'A Long Long War; Voices of the British Army in Northern Ireland, 1969-98' is now out. It is available in Waterstones and Borders and also on-line from Helion, Amazon and Play.com. Read the rviews and see how pro-squaddie it is. There are some 20+ Gunners stories in there.

I need help for the second squaddies voices in NI book. If you can help, look at www.squaddiesvoices.com and then please get in touch with me.

The squaddies' eyeview of the trouble will continue to tell our story.

The next 3 events are as follows:

Edinburgh: Blackwells bookshop : June 27
Brecon RRW museum: July 12
Leeds: Waterstones: August 7

Part One: Belfast (separate chapters on Murph/Turf/Andy's Town/ Ardoyne/ Falls etc
Part Two: Londonderry (separate chapters on Bogside/Creggan/Fountains, Gob etc
Part Three: Rural Ulster (separate chapters on XMG, Belleek, Lisnaskea, Omagh etc)
Part Four: Mainland and European attacks
Part Five: Loved ones speak out.

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