Northern Ireland Bomb Find

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whatnow?, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. LINK

    Some happy new year that would have been !

    CNUTS :twisted:
  2. "The biggest bomb constructed by republican dissidents has been found in Northern Ireland, police admitted today...."

    Bollox actually! :roll:

    ... Though not good, I agree :evil:
  3. Thought the biggest they tried to use was the one that bogged down when being towed by tractor to a certain PB 1000Lb is pretty small compared to some. :roll:
  4. Also shots fired at the Police Station in XMG last night:


    Looks like the dissidents are trying to step it up to see in the New Year.
  5. Do these clowns have a learning difficulty?
  6. My thoughts exactly - all the comparatively bright one seem to have retired.
  7. The only way these clowns will learn anything is when a 7.62mm slug goes through whatever it is they call a brain!
  8. Another reminder to everyone that they have'nt gone away, upping the ante?

    First the threat in Bali, & now in S.A, sad ending to the year