Northern Ireland 1970

Something i started but never got round to finishing, did 1969 and part of 1972, just gives a brief glimpse into OUR time over the water,rather long

1st January
The Ulster Defence Regiment comes into existence, but will not become operational until 1st April. Two Catholics are among the first to volunteer for the Regiment, it is hoped to raise 6,000 men

3rd January
A Policeman is injured in the Unity Flats area of Belfast, 2 people are arrested. Troops patrolling near a house in Ballynure Street off Oldfield Park in Belfast are unable to detain a petrol bomber who had attacked a Catholic house. Ulster Protestant Volunteers threaten to march through the Bogside on the 12th of July. A man who threatened a Soldier and tried to take his rifle in Regent Street, Belfast. Is fined £5 for disorderly behaviour.

5th January
An inquest into the death last year of Francis McCloskey (The first recorded death of the troubles) could not say how he died, though it was either from a blow to the head or from his head hitting the floor, the court said only two verdicts were possible, open or death by accident.

Bernadette Devlin is named woman of the year in a poll by the Sunday Independent newspaper.

Troops from the Gloucester Regiment are attacked outside a dance hall in Abbey Street, Londonderry. Two Military Police vehicles are also damaged and Officers hurt in the fighting, initially the Military Police had been called to break up a fight between two groups of youths.

Special Branch in London breaks up an attempt by the Ira to buy weapons.

7th January
8 Field Squadron arrive in Antrim. Leave 13.5.70

13th January
Adam’s men’s hairstyles in the Ardoyne is destroyed by a bomb at 10.30am, the hairdresser is slightly injured.

14th January
RUC Officers begin to patrol the Falls Road area for the first time since August 1969.

17th January
Nine Army land rovers with riot squads moved into the centre of Armagh in support of 100 RUC officers, they had been deployed to stop a Peoples Democracy march.

19th January
A 41 year old Father of Five is charged with the murder of Constable Arbuckle.

21st January
The Co-Op on York Street in Belfast was evacuated due to a bomb warning, it was found to be a hoax.

A grenade was found in school grounds in Ballymena, it was believed a schoolboy had found it and brought it in to show friends.

The National union of small shopkeepers report that shop owners on the Falls road are having to pay protection money, local Catholic Vigilantes say it is not them as they carry identification cards.

Recruiting for the RUC reaches an all time high.

22nd January
Two Vigilantes from the New Lodge area, receive compensation for injuries they received whilst patrolling the area.

23rd January
A quarter of all applicants for the UDR are Catholic.
Three men get away with £1500 after robbing the Bank in Aughnacloy, County Tyrone.

24th January
Troops in Guildhall Square in Londonderry face an unruly Catholic mob; no trouble is recorded apart from jeering and protest songs.

26th January
Eagle Taxi’s office in Agnes Street Belfast is destroyed by a bomb, in the early hours of the morning. One woman was taken to Hospital with shock.

27th January
Troops face off 300 Protestant youths trying to attack the Unity Flats in Belfast.
A 21 year old Soldier from the 1st Battalion Light Infantry is arrested after attacking an old woman in his home. He had been drinking and suffering from stress. He was given a suspended sentence and fined £25.

30th January
A petrol Bomb is thrown at an Army Land rover in the Bogside, the attack took place on Lone Moore Road, the two occupants were unharmed.

Ulster Protestant Volunteers accuse the British Army of blatant discrimination, in the way they use strong arm tactics against the Shankill and Kid gloves against the Falls.

1st February
The 2nd Battalion Queen’s Regiment base at Brown square is slightly damaged by a bomb.

3rd February
The Headquarters of the New Ulster Movement in Botanic Avenue Belfast, are damaged by a bomb, a bakery next door is severely damaged in the attack. No Casualties are reported. A Catholic Church at Ballynahinch is slightly damaged by a bomb.

4TH February
An English Policeman severely criticises the RUC for failing to protect the Unity Flats. The Policeman left the scene and phoned two Broadcasting companies in the hope they could help.

7th February
1st Royal Highland Fusiliers arrive in Londonderry. Leave 21.5.70
Five soldiers are injured and nine people arrested during midnight clashes in Londonderry between the Army and Bogsiders, up to 100 Soldiers advanced into Rossville Street and got as far as the high flats whilst under a hail of bricks and bottles.

Two Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, The Royal Green jackets have been awarded citations for their bravery in trying to save an 80 year old woman from her burning house. The incident occurred last year in Belfast.

9th February
A bomb explodes at the house of Miss Murnaghan ex-liberal MP for Queens University. No one was at home at the time.

10th February
A Corporal from the 1st Battalion the Parachute Regiment was demoted, after falling asleep whilst getting ready for duty at the Milanda Bakery in Snugville street Belfast.

11th February
Mystery Blast outside Belfast Prison, not believed to be attempt at a jail break.

12th February
The UVF say they planted bomb at prison, to show they could strike at will.

21st February
Petrol bombs are thrown in Flax Street and Oldpark road.

23rd February
Bomb goes off at Duncairn Arms public house in New Lodge road. No one was injured.

25th February
A Bomb exploded in University Street. No one was injured.
The Reverend Ian Paisley raises objections about the Bravery awards made to Soldiers who served on the Shankill last October.

26th February
A £1000 reward is offered for information which leads to the arrest of the bombers who destroyed the Belfast Corporation Electricity Club today.

28th February
2nd Parachute Battalion arrives in Belfast. Leaves 24.6.70

2nd March
Army bomb disposal expert clears suspect package on Unity Walk.

3rd March
A Royal Military Policeman is stopped whilst travelling in plain clothes, by a Citizens Defence Vigilante road block on Leeson Street, Belfast. The Catholic Vigilantes denied carrying guns.

4th March
The death of a 4 year old boy, on the Whiterock Road, Belfast. Has been ruled as accidental death, the boy ran from behind a parked car and was struck by an Army truck last September.

5th March
IRA row over who planted bombs. Official and Provisional Ira members issue statement each crediting themselves for recent bomb blasts in Belfast.

7th March
A bomb explodes at a Catholic girl’s hostel. No one was hurt in the suspected pipe bomb attack.

9th March
1st Royal Scots arrive in Belfast. Leave 29.7.70
A bomb explodes at Austin Currie, the Nationalist MPs home. No one was injured.

10th March
RUC and Army vehicles are attacked by 50 men in the Brompton Park in Belfast

13th March
Soldiers manning checkpoints will wear reflective clothing and road barriers will be illuminated. Londonderry’s road safety committee are told.

A boxing match in Moneymore is abandoned due to a bomb hoax.

16th March
Trooper McCabe of the Queens Royal Irish Hussars killed during rioting last year was struck and killed by a RUC bullet the Deputy recorder was told by the Queens Council acting for the Ministry of Defence.

One Soldier from the 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment drowns in a boating accident on Lough Neagh. Four other Paratroopers are injured.

18th March
Andersontown and Hasting Street Police Stations are stoned by a large crowd.
Thirty Sinn Fein supporters were attacked and beaten in Cork, Eire.

21st March
A Paratrooper from the 2nd Battalion was injured during scuffles on the Divis Street, Belfast. Three Catholic men escaped. It was believed to be a scuffle over the Paratroopers bringing women into their Company base near Saint Congall’s primary school. The Army denied any woman were in the base.

23rd March
Two Soldiers from the Grenadier Guards were hurt in clashes in the Bogside. A fire engine was stoned trying to put out a bonfire celebrating the success of Rosemary Brown from Londonderry in the Eurovision song contest.The Rosebank Inn on Disraeli Street, Belfast was damaged by a bomb.

25th March
RUC men backed up by Soldiers clashed with Protestants in Portadown.

26th March
A bomb damages a electricity pylon in Dublin. Presumed to be the work of the UVF.

31st March
1st Cheshires arrive in Londonderry. Leave 1.8.70

1st April
The Ulster Defence Regiment is officially raised. Rioting between Catholics and Protestants on the Ballymurphy estate. 25 Soldiers of the Royal Scots are injured keeping the two sides apart. Troops from the Light Infantry are called in but not required that night.

Ian Paisley is stoned by small children, whilst visiting Protestant families on the Ballymurphy.

2nd April
Serious rioting continues in Belfast. 600 Soldiers and Five Saracens move into the Ballymurphy estate to quell the rioting. 104 canisters of CS gas are used. 50 petrol bombs are thrown at the Army.

Protestant children are evacuated from the New Barnsley estate.

3rd April
General Sir Ian Freeland warns petrol bombers could be shot dead, if after a warning they did not stop throwing them. If arrested they could expect 10 years in jail.

Troops from the Royal Scots Regiment, who suffered the heaviest in the rioting on the 1st of April, are withdrawn as part of a tactical redeployment.

The RUC are asked to assist the Gardai in searching for bank robbers who shot dead a civilian security guard, during a bank raid.

The Army find 150 petrol bombs at the junction of Ballymurphy Crescent and Whitecliff Parade.

4th April
5 Light Regiment Royal Artillery arrive Londonderry. Leave 27.8.70
42 Heavy Regiment Royal Artillery arrive Belfast. Leave 4.5.70
Four people are injured in a bomb explosion at an Estate Agents Office in Lower Donegall Street, Belfast. A Gents outfitters on Royal Avenue is damaged by a bomb.
An incendiary device is found on Rosemary Street, Belfast.
Ballymurphy Estate is now quite after a night of running battles.
The IRA threatens to shoot British Soldiers on sight.
Two Gunmen open fire on the Springfield Road, Belfast at Army patrols.

5th April
Two bombs explode on Tennent Street and Ballyclare Street in Belfast.

7th April
The UVF warn the IRA that they will kill two Catholics for every Soldier killed.
Bombs explode in Glengormley. No injuries reported.

10th April
A 17 year old youth from the New Barnsley area began a 4 month sentence for possessing a deadly weapon. The weapon was a catapult which he had been using to fire marbles and ball bearings at Catholics.
Two bombs explode in Belfast.

13th April
A soldier from the 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment is hospitalised, after the back flap of the land rover he was standing on broke, flinging him into the road.

16th April
A Private from the Royal Highland Fusiliers is jailed for 5 years. He had been found guilty of attempted rape and assault.

17th April
Army deny they crossed the Eire border. Two land rovers had blocked an unapproved road, and no violation of the border had occurred.

18th April
Two men, one a Soldier are charged with causing an explosion in a bar on West Street, Portadown.

20th April
3rd Queens arrive at Ballykinler as resident Battalion. Leave 22.12.71

22nd April
A 50 year old man is shot in both legs on the Falls road. No Sectarian motive.

23rd April
A woman and Soldiers are shot at on the Divismore Crescent, Ballymurphy.

29th April
45 Commando arrive in Belfast. Leave 3.9.70
The Linfield social club, on the Shankill road is hit by 3 bombs.

30th April
B Specials officially disbanded.

1st May
The UDR go into action for the first time, 400 UDR men with 1200 British Army soldiers conduct searches along the Border. Shots are fired at an Army patrol on the Springfield Road in Belfast. Ten prisoners in the Crumlin road jail go on Hunger strike.

2nd May
HMS Maidstone, which will house troops from the 1st Battalion, Royal Scots has been moved to Alexandria docks, Belfast. Springfield road Police station is stoned by 50 people; thirty windows are smashed in the attack.

4th May
1st Kings Own Scottish Borderers arrive in Belfast. Leave 10.9.70
The Provisional and Official IRA declare a truce between their two groups.
Two Army land rovers are damaged in attacks on Leeson Street, Belfast.

5th May
The Holy cross hall on the Ardoyne is set on fire. Two Catholic members of the UDR living in the Divis Flats are given death threats. The two men protested and reported the incident to UDR/RUC barracks on Hasting Street.

6th May
The 10 hunger strikers in Crumlin road jail come off hunger strike.

7th May
A Security guard is shot in Strabane during a £14000 wage snatch.

9th May – 10th May
Troops from the 1st Battalion Kings own Scottish Borderers and the 3rd Battalion Queens Regiment are involved in a 5 hour battle against 400 Catholics in the New Lodge area. 125 canisters and 159 cartridges of CS gas are used during the fighting.
A rifle and two gas masks are lost by the Army during the rioting.

12th May
9 Independent Para Field Squadron arrive in Ulster. Leave 8.9.70

13th May
RUC use CS gas to end an 8 hour siege on the outskirts of Larne.

18th May
The Army seal off Lepper Street in the New Lodge area, searching for weapons. 300 troops and RUC take part. A bomb explodes at the Nova Scotia bank in Belfast.
Six soldiers are injured in rioting in the Ardoyne, a garage is petrol bombed and fire engines stoned. CS gas is used in Northwick and Etna drives.

A Royal Military Police patrol is stoned on North Queen Street in the New Lodge area. Troops from the 2nd Queen’s Battalion come under a barrage of petrol bombs. Repeated baton charges are made. Duncairn Gardens, North Queen Street and Carlisle Circus are cordoned off.

19th May
1st Queens Lancashire Regiment arrives in Londonderry. Leave 18.9.70

21st May
A Catholic UDR man has shots fired at his house in Clady. His front door had been daubed, ‘Get out of the UDR or be shot signed IRA’. The Catholic said he would not resign

26th May
An 18 year old youth is jailed for 4 months after stoning an Army patrol on the Falls road last night.

29th May
A Falls road vigilante is shot and seriously wounded. The shooting is believed to be part of a feud between opposing elements in the IRA. Two soldiers from the 5th Light Regiment and two civilians are injured during fighting on Pump Street, Londonderry.

1st June
A Belfast post office is robbed of £10000. The Army say very few complaints have been made about their House searches

3rd June
30 Catholic families are forced out of their homes on Chief Street. They are housed in Holy Cross hall, Ardoyne.

4th June
A gunman opens fire on a Protestant crowd near the Crumlin road; a man is wounded in the leg. Two bombs explode in Belfast. A fireworks ban is to be made permanent.

13th June
Men from the Royal Scots conduct house to house searches on the Falls Road.A cement lorry in Dundrum is blown up.

15th June
1st Duke of Wellington’s Regiment arrive in Belfast (New Lodge/Unity Flats)
Leave 29.10.71. Security forces clash in Dungiven. Eight RUC are injured during the rioting. A bomb explodes in Duncairn Gardens, Belfast.

16th June
1st Royal Regiment of Fusiliers arrives in Belfast (Shankill/Lower Falls)
Leave 22.10.70

17th June
A 4lb bomb destroys a city centre café in Belfast.

20th June
A soldier of the 1st Royal Scots is seriously hurt after another soldier had a negligent discharge whilst in their base at Paisley Park.

23rd June
A Butchers shop on the Antrim road is damaged by a 4lb letter bomb. Shots were fired near the Unity Flats no was reported to be injured. Andersontown police station is stoned.

24th June
Fish and Chip shops in potential trouble areas are to close early in Londonderry.

25th June
A bomb explodes at a bookmaker’s off York road, Belfast.

26th – 27th June.
1st Black Watch arrives in Belfast. Leave 16.7.70
3rd Royal Green Jackets arrive (rural tour) Leave 16.7.70

Two young girls aged 4 and 9 die, when the bomb their Father was making exploded. The explosion killed two other members of the IRA.
Bernadette Devlin was jailed for 6 months for riotous behaviour during the Battle of the Bogside. Her arrest sparks off rioting in Londonderry which spread to Belfast.

141 petrol bombs are thrown at troops in Londonderry, with 478 CS gas canisters fired in reply. 120 soldiers and 24 RUC are injured.

Catholic and Protestants riot around Butler Street on the Ardoyne/Shankill interface. 11 Troop of Support Company 45 Commando, try to stop an estimated 350 Catholic youths from attacking an Orange Order parade. Nearly every Soldier is injured.
Petty Officer Freddy MacLaughlin of 45 Commando is awarded the George Medal after being shot whilst attending to a civilian during the disturbances.

Provisional Ira in overnight gun battle with Loyalists in Ballymacarrett, East Belfast.
Two Protestants and one Pira are killed, two Protestants die later of their wounds, and several of both sides are wounded. The Army had in Belfast one spare Platoon available that night, and they were unable to battle their way through rioting Protestants to reach the area. The IRA was now seen as the Catholics Defenders, as many Catholics thought the Army had deliberately not appeared. 30 children are evacuated from the Crumlin road area.

Six people died and 276 were injured during the two days of rioting in Belfast and
Londonderry. 56 had sustained gunshot wounds.

29th June
16 Light Air Defence Regiment arrive Belfast. Leave 28.10.70

500 Catholic workers from the Harland and Wolff shipyard are forced to leave by Protestant workers. General Sir Ian Freeland says that gunmen will be shot on sight.
Two soldiers are shot whilst patrolling the Springfield road. Fierce rioting in the Ballymurphy.

30th June
1st Green Howards arrive in Belfast. Leave 3.9.70
Housewives on the Ballymurphy chased off youths trying to attack soldiers. When the youths returned and attacked men from the 3rd Battalion Queen’s Regiment with stones and bottles, 40 housewives formed a barricade between the two groups, later providing the soldiers with cups of tea. The housewives said they were fed up with the smell of CS gas in their homes. Belfast was reported quiet that night with only 3 premises on fire.

1st July
2nd Scots Guards arrive in Belfast. Leave 18.7.70
The Harland and Wolff Chairman say’s anyone found guilty of intimidation will be sacked, this is after a group of Protestant militant workers had forced 500 Catholics to leave, last June. No buses will run after 2000hrs in Belfast, due to the troubles.
Belfast has a quite night with only five cartridges and one canister of CS gas being used against 100 youths stoning troops on the Crumlin road.

2nd July
The Life Guards arrive in Belfast.
A second peace line is built along 13 streets in the Crumlin Road area.

Two incendiary devices are found in a large Belfast store. The 5000 Catholic workers forced out of the shipyard by Protestant militants return to work. A bomb hoax closes the M2 motorway near Glengormley. Ten people are arrested in Coalisland after stoning an Orange Order march

July 3rd
Troops from the Royal Scots and the RUC find in a house on Balkan Street, fifteen pistols, a schmeisser submachine gun and assorted explosives and ammunition. Prompting Catholic residents of the Lower Falls to throw up Barricades. One Platoon of the Royal Scots was besieged in the middle of the Falls, one Company was stranded and under heavy attack, the two Companies sent to rescue the former were forced to fire CS gas to get through. Rioting ensues in the Lower Falls road area, nail and petrol bombs were thrown, later grenades injured 5 soldiers.
Brigadier Hudson’s helicopter is forced to land after coming under fire and command and control is severely hampered. Troops of the 2nd Queens are forced to use CS gas against 300 rioters.

General Sir Ian Freeland decides on a show of force, at 2030 hrs The Black Watch and the newly arrived Life Guards go in, under fire from IRA units they return fire and use CS gas. Two Catholic gunmen are shot dead. To avoid further bloodshed a curfew is imposed on the Falls. Curfew is to end at 0900 hrs on the 5th. Only
Ambulances, doctors and milk deliveries are allowed through the Army roadblocks

4th July
Soldiers of the 2nd Queens come under heavy sniper fire; a match factory on Donegall Street is set on fire. The Royal Scots come under fire on Violet Street. Gunmen start to shoot the streetlights out on Dunville Street, a sub-unit of the Devon and Dorsets is dispatched to deal with them. The Green Howards come under fire from Elizabeth Street. Troops fight long and hard to clear the barricades in the area.

During this time the Army conduct house searches and find 106 weapons, 21000 rounds of ammunition and 28 pounds of gelignite. During this period 5 civilians were killed, 18 Soldiers injured (13 from gunshots) and 337 people arrested. Six bombs go off in the city centre. Ian Paisley says the Army and RUC are to blame for the riots as they had ignored his advice to raid the area last year.

6th July
Three bottles of mercury used in time bombs are found in the Falls road area. Three people were killed not five in the weekend rioting says the RUC. Crumlin Road Jail is seriously overcrowded due to the arrests over the weekend. Bus fares are to go up due to the troubles. Ian Paisley says the arms finds on the Falls Road stopped an IRA attempt to burn down the Shankill.

7th July
Eire minister for external affairs secretly visits the Falls Road. Two petrol bombs are thrown at Army recruiting offices in London. Belfast ambulance service complains of ‘pirate’ ambulances operating in the Lower Falls. It is believed these ambulances had picked up the bodies of the two IRA gunmen killed over the weekend.

8th July
A soldier from the Light Regiment in Armagh is arrested after letting off a CS gas Canister in an Armagh Pub.

9th July
Gunmen rob the bank in Aughnacloy. An armed gunman fired shots at a UDR man in Sion Mills in an attempt to steal his rifle. The UDR man’s wife shot at the gunman with a shotgun, the gunman then fled. A bomb is found at RUC Newry barracks. Children find three bombs in Stranmills. Troops in Ballymacarett get a ‘search us’ plea from the Defence Association. Two soldiers rescue a woman from a fire on Clyde Street in the Short Strand area.

10th July
A bomb explodes on the Shankill Road. No one was injured.

11th July
Saint Joseph’s school on Raglan Street was stormed by the army, after they came under fire. 28 men were arrested and a large quantity of explosives was found. A Bren gun and four magazines were found during a house search on the Lisburn Road.

13th July
A Presbyterian Church was burnt down in South Armagh. An unexploded bomb was found in the Suffolk area of Belfast.

15th July
The Army are to use a new plastic, used by Astronauts collecting moon rock samples. The Plastic called makrolon is virtually indestructible and will stop .22 bullets and shotgun pellets. Two German water cannons have been sent to Belfast.
A 3lb bomb explodes on the Shankill. No one was injured.

16th July
24 people are injured, three seriously as a bomb explodes at the Northern Bank on the High Street. Local residents in the Falls – Grosvenor Road area have been removing the street plates in the hope of confusing Army patrols. The Army say they are not confused by the loss of street nameplates.

17th July
Mobile patrols in Belfast have started to fit their landrovers with long steel poles; this will cut wire or rope stretched across the road. Men from the Green Howards move to more relaxing billets in the Queen’s Elms Halls of residence, the Chief Administrator is an ex-Green Howard.

18th July
The IRA denies they were responsible for the bomb blast on the 16th. Shots are fired at RUC patrol in Roden Street, no one was injured.

19th July
2nd Coldstream Guards arrive in Belfast. Leave 21.11.70

20th July
The UVF deny they were responsible for the bomb blast on the 16th. A Republican headstone is blown up in St Coleman’s cemetery, Lurgan.

21st July
Two soldiers from the R.E.M.E have invented a CS gas launcher; the new weapon will launch a CS canister 150 yards. A 33 year old fitter shot himself trying to fire a .22 bullet; he was given a 3 month suspended sentence.

22nd July
A Belfast postman got a shock as a parcel he was delivering started to tick. The Army found the parcel was a clock.

23rd July
1st Royal Anglians arrive in Londonderry. Leave 10.3.72
A ban on parades and processions until January 1971 is announced by Stormont.
Twenty men returning to Belfast from the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment boarded what they thought was their boat and found themselves in full kit on the Dublin bound Ferry. They arrived in Belfast 24 hours late.

24th July
CS gas is thrown in the House of Commons. A Catholic man is arrested.

25th July
Cave Hill is searched after schoolboys find gelignite.

26th July
1st Devon and Dorset Regiment arrive in Belfast. Leave 26.8.70

27th July
Two bombs explode in Belfast.

28th July
Gelignite is found in a grave in Ballyclare cemetery.

30th July
Rioting breaks out again in Belfast.

31st July
Petrol Bomber shot dead in New Lodge area. Trouble had started after an RUC patrol is ambushed by rioters. Locals say that a Police raid on the Starry Plough pub started the trouble.

1st August
Army snipers open fire on petrol bombers for the second night. 54 petrol bombs are thrown at the army, who retaliate with 250 CS gas cartridges and 35 CS canisters. One of the army’s new water cannons is used in the rioting. RUC Police station on Chichester road is damaged by a bomb. Troops used a powerful searchlight to pick out ‘key’ rioters, the rioters responded by using their own searchlight and a large metal sheet to reflect the army’s spotlight.

The rioters set fire to an old furniture van, whilst troops used the water cannon to put the fire out, the rioters set fire to the Old Lyceum cinema. Over 3000 films are destroyed in the fire. Many cinemas may be forced to close due to lack of films. Woolworth’s in Belfast City Centre is set on fire, the top story is damaged.

3rd August
The Government ordered all Pubs and Bars to shut by 2000 hrs from now until further notice. Catholic women tried to stop a bus coming down the Shankill whilst the funeral of the petrol bomber. Protestant women threw stones at the Catholic’s, this turned into a mini riot, and troops forced the Protestant’s back up the Shankill whilst the funeral cortege passed.

4th August
Rioting occurred in the Ballymurphy and Divis Flats area, the army having to use CS gas again and deployed snatch squads. Troops from the Fusiliers were ambushed as they entered the Divis flats, Catholic youths rained bricks and lumps of iron on the troops below, and CS gas was used as troops retook the balconies from the youths. In Andersontown Catholics steal a mechanical digger to dig up the Glen Road for ammunition. Troops again used CS gas to retake the digger. Twenty soldiers were hurt during the night and 33 Catholics arrested.

Petrol bombs are thrown by 50 youths at troops in Londonderry. Two bombs explode in Newry. Gardai patrols foil an IRA ambush on the Tyrone – Donegal border. British troops regularly patrol the northern side of the Border.

5th August
Rubber Baton rounds are issued to the British Army. (Between now and 1975 55,000 are used)

Rioting occurs in Andersontown and Ballymurphy, seven soldiers from 16 Light Regiment are injured. A petrol tanker is hijacked and driven into the countryside. Troops in Londonderry come under fire whilst dealing with rioters on the Bishop Street, Foyle Road Junction.

6th August
Three shots fired at a Sanger in Londonderry

8th August
Firemen in Londonderry were stoned; troops fired CS gas to defend the fire-fighters as they tried to fight a blaze in Rossville Street. Bomb hoax in Ballymena closes swimming pool.

11th August
Two RUC officers are killed by an IRA booby trap near Crossmaglen, County Armagh. This brings the total of RUC killed since 1956 to nine.

17th August
Army close 25 border roads. Naval recruiting office in Howard Street, Belfast is badly damaged by a bomb. An RUC Officer is shot at by four men, he was not injured.

18th August
Council offices in Castlederg are bombed. A bomb explodes on the Whiterock Road, no one is injured in either attack.

20th August
Two bombs explode at a Fermanagh border post; this is the first IRA attack in Fermanagh since the 1950’s.

25th August
33 independent Field Squadron Royal Engineers arrive in Belfast. Leave 17.12.70

26th August
Bank robbery in Londonderry, £3000 stolen.

27th August
Two groups of youths totalling 150 fought among themselves, when the Army arrived the youths dispersed. It’s not known what the youths were fighting about.

28th August
A RUC constable is felled by a paving slab whilst investigating a car in the Alverno Hotel car park. RUC and Firemen are stoned in the Norglen parade area.

29th August
41 Commando arrive Belfast. Leave 13.11.70

31st August
Troops instituted one of the biggest searches of the year. Houses were raided on the Falls Road and Springfield Road areas, six pistols, one shotgun and 1200 rounds of ammunition were found. The area remained calm. 20 cases of petrol bombs are found in Dundee Street off the Shankill Road

1st September
The Falls Central citizen Defence Committee has said searches are ‘one-sided’ the recent searches found just six revolvers they said, in an area were Protestants were allowed to attack innocent civilians.

The Ulster Prince Ferry from Belfast to Liverpool was delayed, whilst bomb disposal officers searched the Ferry. It was found to be a hoax call that delayed the sailing by two hours.

Three revolvers were found under a 62 year old woman’s nightdress during a search of her house, the retired bookkeeper’s home was one of those searched earlier that day, and the other three pistols, shotgun and ammunition were found in her fridge.

2nd September
Whiterock Church may close and be deconsecrated as the local Protestants have been forced to flee the area.

Police are probing the death of 76 year old John Haughey of Coalisland, it is alleged he was struck by a Police baton during disturbances on the 1st of July.CS gas was fired at Catholic demonstrators during a speech by Ian Paisley in Lurgan.

3rd September
7 wanted men from the Saor Eire extremist group will surrender to Gardai only if their demands for a public inquiry into their involvement into the killing of Gardai Officer Fallon are met.

4th September
Bomb found in the Ballycastle courthouse, it had failed to explode.
30 ‘lovesick’ Irish girls are stranded in Aldershot; the girls had followed the men from the 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment back after they had finished their tour. The Army is facing demands to pay for their return to the Province.

5th September
A man is killed by a bomb in Newforge lane, Belfast. Another man was badly wounded, RUC believe that the bomb they were setting exploded prematurely. No group has come forward.

7th September
The IRA claim they lost one man and had another wounded setting a bomb on the 5th, the seriously wounded man is now under guard by the RUC.A road bridge on the Londonderry-Dungiven road was slightly damaged by a bomb blast. Another bomb went off on the Glen Road in Anderstown, Belfast.

8th September
RUC probe reports of shots being fired over the grave of the IRA man who died on the 5th. A bomb destroys a shop in Portadown. The Army destroy 50 pounds of unstable gelignite in Bushmills.

11th September
Letters are sent to all RUC Officers asking for their vote on whether to rearm.A bomb destroys the Belfast headquarters of the Irish Dairy Board.

12th September
The Brown Horse Bar in Kent Street, Belfast was damaged by a bomb. No one was injured.

14th September
The IRA man, who was wounded on the 5th, was in court today. He refuses to recognize the court.

15th September
The 100th bomb of 1970 exploded
The RUC vote to remain unarmed

20th September
2nd Royal Anglians arrive in Belfast. Leave 11.2.71
1st Royal Regiment of Wales arrives in Belfast (Hastings Street) Leave 18.2.71

21st September
10 Field Squadron arrive Antrim. Leave 12.1.71
Newry Border post is damaged by a bomb
90 pounds of Gelignite is washed ashore near Killough

23rd September
RUC and Army vehicles are stoned in Belfast and Londonderry

25th September
Two girls are arrested over the Bomb hoax which delayed the Ulster Prince sailing on the 1st of September. They did not want their Soldier boyfriends to leave Belfast.

26th September
The second British Army fatality of the conflict occurs when Peter Tauton dies in an accident whilst in the base on the Ballymurphy. Protestant youths attack the Catholic Unity Flats, rioting carries on for 4 nights on the Shankill road. Linfield supporters had attacked Catholics after returning from a match. After RUC and Military Police arrested some Protestants, the whole Shankill turned on the Security Forces. CS gas was used on Snugville Street, and vicious fighting went on around the area.

28th September
An RUC patrol was held up by masked gunmen and forced to leave Claremont Lane were they had been patrolling. Seven shots were fired, no one was injured. Troops who went to the scene found no one.

30th September
A bomb damages a factory of the Shankill Road. No one was injured

1st October
Bomb explodes at a factory in Benburb, another bomb went off at St Patrick’s College in Armagh. No one was injured. A 100 woman formed a peace-line between Troops and 500 men on Snugville Street off the Shankill Road. The crowd had been trying to get to the Kings Regiment command post.

2nd October
A bomb damages an empty sentry post in Londonderry

5th October
11 Civil Rights supporters are arrested for non payment of fines. After a bomb had exploded on a road in Forkhill, the Army found a second anti-personnel bomb waiting for them, packed with nuts and bolts. The Army say it is a ‘savage twist’ to events.

7th October
Ammunition was found whilst houses were searched in the Lower Falls.
80 men from X Company, 1st Royal Regiment of Fusiliers was given a ‘Thank You’ party at their headquarters on Percy Street, by the grateful Lower Shankill Committee.
A week earlier the men had been involved in riots by the same people now thanking them.Troops are accused of crossing the Border into County Donegal nine times in a week.

8th October
100 women from the Clonard District, Belfast staged a sit down protest outside Springfield Road barracks, complaining of the recent dawn raids. The Irish Army orders all its units on the Border to fly the Tricolour; this is to identify themselves to any terrorists operating in the area.

9th October
An Army helicopter is fired upon near the Fermanagh – Cavan border. Troops on boarder exchanged fire with a group of men on the Coloaigh Mountain.

A machine-gun was found during searches of houses on Cawnpore Road off the Springfield Road. An Aer-Lingus pilot was arrested for possessing firearms without a certificate.

10th September
An Armagh border post was damaged by a bomb. No one was injured.
Two privates from the UDR were knocked down whilst on foot patrol

12th October
The UDR drill hall in Kilkeel was damaged by a bomb. No one was injured
Soldier hit by shrapnel in Londonderry. Thousands of missiles and hundreds of petrol bombs were thrown during the rioting. The Army replied with 171 rubber bullets as well as 60 CS cartridges and 10 CS grenades. A four storey warehouse was set on fire and firemen were stoned. At Francis Street an Army post was overrun. The rioting began after Catholic youths attacked a Protestant unionist meeting.

An Army Sergeant reported missing during the rioting, was rescued by a Priest. The Sergeant was grabbed and being giving a ‘going over’ by 25 Catholic youths.

13th October
Dublin to Belfast rail line was damaged by 4 bombs near Craigavon. An IRA man was killed and another injured when one bomb went off. The dead man was wanted by the RUC and was a member of Saor Eire.

16th October
The RUC start training with the German Walther pistol

19th October
Troops from the 16th Light Regiment on patrol in the Springfield Road were attacked by gunmen. Troops on the Newtownards road escaped injury as a electrical controlled bomb was detonated early.

21st October
Bernadette Devlin is released after serving 4 months of her 6 month sentence.

23rd October
A bomb destroys an electrical transformer near Carrickmore.
More than 9000 CS gas cartridges and 1200 canisters have been used since August 1968.

24th October
A UDR soldier dies of injuries after being knocked down on the 10th of October.Two bombs explode at Victoria Market in Londonderry, the army base sustained slight damage and no one was injured.

28th October
3 men were tarred and feathered in Belfast by the IRA

29th October
Four men fired shots over the grave of a youth, who had driven into an Army lorry in a stolen car. An Army Bomb disposal Officer escaped injury after a second bomb failed to go off, he had been investigating an explosion in County Down. Six men appear in court, over a plot to burn down a factory producing CS gas in Dorking, England.

30th October
Three nights of rioting occur in the Ardoyne.
A man is shot in the leg by the Army, an inquiry is underway.

31st October
Troops set up more roadblocks in Belfast, to help prevent further rioting.

2nd November
More trouble can be expected in Ulster the Army warns.

3rd November
Children are stoned by Catholic youths whilst returning home from school.
The Presbyterian Church in New Barnsley, Belfast, will close in the next few weeks due to repeated attacks.

4th November
Bomb explodes in Rostrevor, a 300 lb bomb destroyed an electricity sub station.Soldiers find a home made pistol during a car search. It had a range of one mile.A bomb explodes in the village of Moy, County Tyrone. No one was injured.

6th November
A Bomber was killed when his firebomb went off prematurely; he had been trying to destroy the Orange Hall near Carrickfergus. A Soldier was badly burnt when his Ferret scout car was set on fire near Kelly’s bar at the junction of Whiterock and Springfield Road. It was hit by 4 petrol bombs.

7th November
Two RUC men were shot at whilst patrolling the New Lodge, Belfast. No one was hurt.

9th November
3000 people from Belfast are bussed across the border near Newry, to attend a commeration for 5 IRA men killed by a bomb they were making exploded.
A 46 year old man is shot trying to foil an armed raid on the Royal Naval Club in Belfast, he is not seriously hurt.

11th November
The Irish Army will only go into the North to protect the Nationalists, if the British Government says so. Without them asking it would be seen as an act of international aggression. Mr Jack Lynch was interviewed on RTE.

12th November
Gelignite is found in a car on the Armagh border. 60 lbs were found in the car, the driver escaped.

13th November
Sea searches are to be stepped up by the Irish and British navies
A bomb was found in a Children’s school. No one was injured.

16th November
Two bombs exploded in Dublin. No one was hurt.
Men from the 2nd Royal Anglians helped clear the Taggart memorial Church in the Springfield Road. The Church will not be deconsecrated.

17th November
Two bodies were found in the Ballymurphy. The RUC say it is likely the victims of an internal IRA power struggle

18th November
Two Securicor men are shot in an armed raid. The Belfast Central citizens Defence Committee denounce the killing of two men in the Ballymurphy on the 17th. The Everton Bar on the Crumlin Road was destroyed in a bomb blast, no one is injured.

19th November
150 lbs of Gelignite are stolen from Perth Scotland

20th November
Courtney’s off licence on the Hollywood Road was slightly damaged in a bomb blast.

21st November
Army find two pistols, a rifle and ammo during a search of the Sheriff Mountain’s near Londonderry. Two shots are fired at Army patrols in Belfast. A bomb destroys a former army post in Londonderry.

23rd November
A car showroom on the Foyle Road, Londonderry, is damaged by a bomb. Nine cars are destroyed.

25th November
Bomb explodes at Belfast Harbour Estate. Cookstown Council Office’s are badly damaged by a bomb attack. An unofficial enquiry into the Shankill riots two months ago, blames Military Policemen for acting unwarranted and irresponsible.

27th November
A rifle and ammo are found during an Army search of the Blackwatertown area of County Armagh.

28th November
Armagh jail will no longer house women.

30th November
5 bombs go off across Belfast.

3rd December
RUC have found a large bomb cache in an empty house in Toombridge, Londonderry. 80 lbs of Gelignite and 12 claymore mines were found. The Claymore was used in the Vietnam War.

7th December
Interment is discussed by North and South, both Governments are thinking of introducing it.

12th December
RUC are stoned by youths in the Unity Flats. Adults dispersed the youths.

14th December
RUC Officers are involved in a gun battle after foiling an armed robbery in Belfast.
The customs post at Annamartin is badly damaged in a fire bomb attack. The Customs office on the Strand Road, Londonderry is slightly damaged by a bomb attack.

15th December
1st Coldstream Guards arrive in Londonderry. Leave 22.4.71
A petrol attendant was shot at in Chichester Street, Belfast. He was uninjured.
Sinn Fein complains of raids by Irish special branch officers.

16th December
The sewage works at Omagh were damaged by a bomb attack.

28th December
An Army patrol is attacked with a tear gas grenade on the Springfield Road.

30th December
Financial cost of the riots and disturbances in 1969 and 1970 put at 5.5 million pounds.

31st December
Army patrols come under petrol bomb attack on the Springfield Road and on the Ballymurphy


Scarletto - not being pedantic mate but are you sure of the date for the Coldstream Guards as being the 15th. December. I was with Mike Rose on the 7th. December in Derry.
Yea, i realise its abit long mate, however well maybe the public felt the same thing and Ulster lost its impact to.

Bob, unit dates are rough, also thats usually main body arrival time,however cant track down exact dates from the books.

Oldredcap. When i started doing this, i was and no offense to UDR/RUC just doing the Army.
made good reading,must have taken ages to type...ill make a copy for the museums ni section...if you dont mind.
Pup, no take it if you want, ive somemore you can use, kind of offputting around 72/3 when practically everyday some squaddie is killed or wounded, goverment and mod figures are so wrong on how many lads we lost
scarletto said:
Oldredcap. When i started doing this, i was and no offense to UDR/RUC just doing the Army.
I did not - I hope - suggest any criticism. However, the Cain Sutton thing list all deaths; military as well as RUC/UDR/Terrorists etc.
Not all deaths mate, its certainly missing a few hundred


I think I have a pic of that water cannon.


This had been sat there rusting for a long time before I saw it in 83


I dont remember us using that sangar that summer, the arcs were covered by the super sangar, cctv and the sangar by the gate.
Thats just at the extreme left of this pic. Fat Dan the Peeler used to man the gate Sangar, lost 2 Ruger revolvers whilst actually on stag in the sangar!
I think thats the bloke I relieved wlking back to the accom on the right!

You could only really see the back of the remains of the flats from sangar 3.


The super sangar was built on the location of another block of flats that were taken over and fortified when the William Harvey Presbetarian chapel was taken over for use as a police post. My mob were there in 78 and remembered it. My pln sgt had been there in 73 as well. I was such a red arrse. Your mob were Bde reserve and supported us with a platoon in 83.
Excellent work, I was happy to plough all the way through.

Just one point and I hate to be picky, but for the 7th December entry, while I wish interment was introduced, it was probably internment they discussed!

Probably just wishful thinking on my part :) retread

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