Northern Crawl

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Grey_Mafia65, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. Blackshitpool

  2. Leeds

  3. Manchester

  4. Wakefield

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. As the Blackpool Blast thread has now gone completely off the rails, I thought it best to start a thread with options of venue and we'll sort out the date after (nothing before July though please!). If any other locations get suggested, I will (try to) add them to the poll.

    You can tick more than one option if like me you aren't bothered as long as it's not Blackpool...
  2. Please spell the name blackpool correctly.
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  3. This is the worst Poll ever on here.
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  4. Please add Fleetwood and Preston to the list.
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  5. My poll, I'll spell it how I like :p
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  6. Fleetwood? Are you ******* serious?!
  7. Can we have a poll on that?
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  8. Wot's wrong with Southport as a venue??
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  9. Far too close to home!! I'd get recognised!
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  10. I voted Blackpool purely because of the blatant attempt to influence the poll.

    Well done Grey_Mugabe
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  11. You're just hoping Blackpool will win and I won't attend!

    Right, anyone know how to amend the poll so I can add Preston as a venue (there's no ******* way I'm adding either Fleetwood and especially not Southport!)?
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  12. I'd rather Jack than Fleetwood muddlemak.........
  13. I voted Blackpool, because if it's on my weekend off and I have enough money I could maybe finally make it to a crawl not too far from a ferry.

    Also, I learned to walk in Blackpool in 1988, if I'm going to learn to Crawl it might as well be there!
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  14. If you mean coming over from Norn (can't keep up with whether you're there or Jockland!), Manchester or Leeds would be handy for a quick flight with Ryanair, no?
  15. Would you really boycott Blackers?

    You really are Grey_Mugabe!

    Now, about these rumours? :wink:
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