Northern ARRSE Pub Crawl

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Aug 15, 2005.

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  1. Okely Dokely then.

    The concensus so far seem to be either for Edinburgh (MY personal choice) or for Newcastle for the Northern ARRSE Crawl, going by the votes in ARRSE Ooop Norf.

    Provisional Date is Saturday 5th November, I have gone for this date as it's just after payday in October, and, before Christmas, but, near enough that, it can double as a Xmas pishup, for those that can't make to whatever is organised for the Festive Period. Not to mention the fact that a lot of folk's November pay is tied up buying Chrimbo Pressies and Lots of alcohol for then.

    Any questions please don't hesitate to PM me.
  2. I see its now down to the North of England vrs Scotland (and the Southerners)
  3. I vote Edinburgh because Hitler is getting the first round in. Although the last time I got drunk in Edinburgh I'm sure I ended up in Newcastle so not sure exactly what I've voted for now :grin:
  4. I can get to either, Newcastle is an easier drive though and somewhere I haven't been before.
  5. but York would be easier wouldn't it :twisted:
  6. York is not an option.

    Unless, of course, YOU organise YOUR OWN crawl for there.
  7. Hmm Mrs Whitebear, you say that as if you KNOW it would be easier for me.... Hmmmmm. By unfortunate dictatorship type tendancies of Hitler, no irony there then, we are limited in choice. However they're both doable locations for the english and scottish types. :D
  8. Edinburgh would be better for me.
  9. Edinburgh is still the favourite! Goodoh!
  10. its gonna take me forever to get there from Devon :(

    i might fly! but not with helios :(

    Newcastle or Edinburgh is good

    but i voted Newcastle i love that geordie accent :p
  11. Dont be daft!!!!!!

    Hull -----------> Party Boat -------------> Rotterdam ------------> Amsterdam :twisted: :lol: :twisted: :lol: :twisted: :lol:
  12. Having partaken in said 'party boat' I shall tell you this. It's only a party if you have many jugs of pimms and convince the girls in the act to join you.
  13. vote Vote VOTE

    Looking like Edinburgh so far folks.
  14. ooooh another edinburgh pish-up way hayyyyy

    incidentally, its cheaper AFTER the fests have finished as too many of the local taverns bump the prices up to fool dumb american tourists... thats before you even think about accomodation. that said, i was dancing with a bona fide midget last night! can't buy that kind of entertainment. a 36 inch arrse on a 2'4 person is downright hilarious! :lol:
  15. You've met BBC then?
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