Northern Airspace to open

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ULTRAS99, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. What a shame! It's been really peaceful while flying has been suspended at Lakenheath, Marham and over STANTA. :soldier:
  2. Oh dear, does that mean Mr Brown's master plan to make himself popular by sending the Navy in is foiled?
    How tragic
  3. When I read that story I too thought the Navy probably had better things to be doing, like deterring the Argies from the Falklands, catching drug smugglers, protecting our fisheries or stopping piracy.......
  4. Ah, but according to the mendacious Mandelson it's a 'Dunkirk moment'. Never mind that about 380,000 troops have not been cornered onto the beaches after a German Blitzkrieg through France; and never mind that it's not an act of a hostile nation that threatens the very existance of Britain as an independant nation; and never mind that Britain won't rustle up over 300 vessels to save the beleagured tourists and business travellers; and never mind that sending two RN ships to a landlocked city ain't exactly on the scale of Dunkirk. It's a Dunkirk moment dontcha know?

    What shallow politicking these gits are prepared to stoop to nowadays.

    Still, glad to hear some airspace is opening - we just have to be extremely wary of Bird Flu, global warming (sorry, climate change), H1N1, and any other 'disaster' from which these shysters are prepared to take political advantage.
  5. I'm a bit disapointed truth be told, was looking forward to the colapse of the Western Hemisphere! :(
  6. Now looks as though it may not be opening quite that quickly...
  7. The unelected people in Brussels and EuroControl have a lot to answer for,for this mess.
  8. Peace for a few more days! :soldier:
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Never let pressing strategic concerns get in the way of a cheap publicity stunt! Although GB's international renown at causing any and every attempt at making him look competent to backfire is sure to kick in again imminently.
  10. I hate to burst Cyclops' spin machines bubble, but the problem isn't getting across the channel, it's getting to the channel ports. I came through Calais on Sunday morning and there was so little traffic, we could have chosen any operator to get across. What should have been done was to arrange coach relays to 4 or 5 major cities and make it known that these facilities were available, instead of sticking Ocean and Ark Royal in the channel in the hopes that there would be enough 'distressed persons' to be rescued.