Northampton Relegated

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Humph, Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. So, after many years of underperforming in the premiership and years of Keith Barwell handing over money and buying in talent like it was going out of fashion, it appears that Saints are on their way down. Worcester overhauled them at the last gasp and will stay in the premiership another season at least. Good luck to 'em. Anyone got any thoughts on this?
  2. Agree with your views. Poor performances from players who should be doing much more.

    The missus is from Northampton and we have been a few times and it has been dire. They deserved to go down.
  3. Worcester pulled it out of the bag when it mattered. The best team stayed up, simple really.
  4. Shame but they have been playing poorly
  5. As a lifelong Saints supporter, this is indeed a disappointment. But not half as bad as all the carping I'm getting from all the Tigers supporters who have taken the time to send their condolences by text and email all smegging weekend.

    Barwell's comments about too many coaches is pretty spot on. Despite the talent he's bought into the Club, the coaching staff still managed to overcomplicate their game plan. There's no such thing as an easy game in the Premiership, so back to basics and back to the Premiership in a year.
  6. At the end of the day, faith and a good win against London Irish was not enough.

    It's hard for it to happen like this. Would probably be easier to accept if we had lost because then we would feel like we really deserved to go down.

    I didn't want us to, but we deserved it. If you are the team at the bottom of the table, that's the way it goes and while it's not nice, it's necessary.What was amazing though was the end of the game.

    We all knew we were going down, but the players came onto the pitch to cheer us, bruce said his bit and almost all of the fans stayed to sing and cheer whilst the guys clapped us. Just think, if it was a football team, they would probably be booed off the pitch. The support shown saturday was unbelievable, and if that doesn't inspire the players to bounce straight back, nothing will!

    saturday - amazing atmosphere, great game of rugby, lots of hope - but taken out of our hands by Worcester and Saracens. It's no good blaming it on them though, we should have won more matches and got a few more points!
  7. If the performance by the Saints when they visited the Falcons is any indication I'd be concerned that another relegation is on the cards next season. For a team packed with good quality internationalists and seasoned pros they were diabolical with no game plan and apparently no goal kicker, as the amount of times King Carlos threw away good 3 point opportunities was mind boggling
  8. Absolutely. Carlos seems to be one of the main problems. Now Reihana has taken over the kicking, it seems to be a lot better.

    Forwards as well, they're in the same boat as the Falcons, decent back line, shite pack, therefore no platform. For the Falcons that'll change with the arrival of Hayman, but the Saints need to start having words with their players to see whos staying and going.

    Dylan Hartley is one who'll get bought after his ban finishes.
  9. Looking forward to the Roboprop at Kingston Park next season, all Falcons need now is a decent hooker and a quality lineout thief in the second row. McDonnel certainly added a bit of steel to the front row and both he and Ward have been partly responsible for the change in the packs attitude since November.

    Think it's time to let Johnny go, he's good but he's no Toby Flood :p and the reported 500k a year could be better spent on other areas of the team.

    As for Saints would expect Lamont and Cohen to leave mainly to keep their international careers going, Carlos as well but only because he'd get better money in the Celtic league ala Justin Marshall. Out of the forwards I think if Smith retires, he is 36 this year after all it will be a big hole to fill especially if Thompson is forced out through injury.

    Out of the 3 sides relegated in the past 4 seasons I think only Quins weren't that great a loss even with Leeds coming back up and a return to a sort of derby fixture in the North East, I hope the Saints can bounce back at the first time of asking
  10. Carlos is on about staying with Northampton!

    Oh, and talking of lineout thiefs, Chris Jack at Saracans next season, stand by!
  11. With Ruddock coming to Worcester now, I think it will be nothing but a positive for English Rugby however there is now rumours flying around about Henson following him, which I am still not sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing!!

    The league is so unpredictable that is what makes Rugby so much more exciting. Sale being champions ending up two from bottom, Bristol in the play-offs. Next year hopefully will be completely different again. The league will be worse off with teams like Northants going down however I think it is necessary for them so they can rebuild their team and bounce back twice as strong. (thats from a Worcester supporter as well!!)
  12. Trust me, its deserved. The work rate of Bristol, especially the pack, has been phenomenal this season. All thats needed now is a decent Fly-Half, because David Hill is shit.
  13. Even though i am a devoted Bath Man my missus is from Northampton is was sad to see Saints get relegated but watching the Warriors in their last match of the season i think that they deserved it they played with alot of passion and were not going to leave the park with anything else but a win.

    Saints will be straight back up next season.
  14. Oh dear. I didn't think we had any of your sort on here. Olly Barkley is a cunt, just had to mention that. :wink: