Northampton rapes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by countdokku, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. Several women in Nothampton have been abducted, beaten and raped by three black men who speak with South African accents.
    Why do I think that if/when they catch these cnuts, they'll turn out to be illegal immigrents/asylem seekers?
    Apart from what these women have already suffered, they'll also have to be checked for std's since South Africa is now the AIDS capital of the world.
    Thank you, Mandela...
  2. South African? Not sure, but I doubt it. However, there is another group of African Males who could be mistaken for South Africans.
  3. Not Rugby players, are they?

  4. hope the victim have been checked for HIV infection considering Africa is HIV ridden through and through
  5. Would those be the ones Bliar and the gang should have sent home recently, but didn't?
  6. Indeed Viro, they are certainly on my list of suspects if I stick to the "Sud-efriken Aaksint" bit.

    If I don't however, I can also point out a group of African males with low regard for women of any hue and the law , from an anarchic sh*thole that should never have been allowed here in the first place , and with a sizeable community in the Northampton area.
  7. Don't be coy, PTP! Whoever could you mean? :)
  8. PTP, if you do have such intel,recommend you pass it to Northants OB soonest. Your last post would indicate that you've never dealt with a rape victim so please stop playing MODGOd and do your duty.
  9. Dokku, catch yerself on there. When was the last time you heard of an asylum seeker or illegal immigrant from South Africa. Southern Africa maybe. It's hardly Nelson Mandela's fault that some sociopathic scum have raped a bunch of women.'re in the right ballpark about the HIV aspect though - those poor women must be absolutely petrified.

    From -
    But some other countries have a higher prevalence:

    From -
    Zimbabwe has to be a prime candidate for supplying these scum.. Thank you Mugabe. I remember reading somewhere that the HIV rates in the Johanessburg prison were something like 99%! That's a place where you don't want to drop the soap. :cry:

    Definitely a bad day out.
  11. Can I ask the million pound question? What do they look like?
  12. J_D

    J_D LE

    Could be Nigerian! Those dudes are dodgy as!
  13. Nigerians do not have a dialect anything like South African. I believe that the majority of blacks that seem to have a South African dialect, either come from South Africa or (dare I say it) the pacific islands. The dialects of Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans and Pacific Islanders have merged somewhat over the years. The emergence of Rugby players, who are able to convert from one nationality to another and earn 'loadsa money' has been a major factor in this. Or of course they could join their Army.
  14. J_D

    J_D LE

    Nigerians have an african accent. But as their main languages boil down to french or english they have a wierd twang. I worked with alot of nigerians and have a few of them as friends. They like their women more than english blokes. Even enough to actually stalk them!
  15. Nigerians speak with the same dialect as most black Africans, however Pacific Islanders sound 'more' like southern hemisphere people, than those from darkest Africa. No pissing match - just fact.