North West UOTCs trounce TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Chalky, Feb 26, 2006.

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    "Liverpool University Officer Training Corps (LUOTC) won the contest, while two teams from Manchester and Salford Universities Officer Training Corps (MSUOTC) finished second and third. It was a remarkable achievement for the students, who were competing against experienced soldiers and officers, many of whom have served on British Army operations overseas, including to Iraq and Afghanistan."

    No disrespect to the UOTC, but is it not slightly worrying that they achieved not only the top three places, but also beat experienced and, above all, deployable TA Soldiers out of the top three?

    None the less, well done to them!
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. Oops.
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    msr LE

    And to the girls "Thanks for coming" no, wait...

  5. Shame the BFA's are only going to be doing half a job :cry:
  6. Are those wepons A2s and if so what is an OTC doing with them?
  7. If you need to ask if they have A2s... you're hardly in a position to slag of the UOTC.
  8. Units are prioritised for equipment etc.

    TA Infantry is rated below the UOTC (who produce regular O/Cdts) and the ACF (who produce regular Soldiers), ISTR.
  9. Thats actually a fair point, are all TAC's now issued A2's therefore there is a surplus for cadet units ?
  10. UMIST doesn't exist.
  11. Anymore at least.
  12. Nope, the Southern Infantry Bns haven't been issued them yet, and I believe it's the same elsewhere. I believe all TA Infantry should be reequipped by Apr 07.

    As for the ACF, they're getting something new, A1's with modifications to replace the Cadet GS ISTR. No idea when that's in service. Don't care, they don't give my Regiment recruits, wreck my TAC and we can't get onto training areas because of them.
  13. What, with those BFAs :wink:
  14. Well done to the Drinking Club with a Gun Problem... ops, sorry, meant the OTCs!

    But it's hardly surprising, the TA infantry has shrunk masively over the past 10 years, leaving us increasingly specialists, combat support or combat survice support. A fellow subbie in my unit took it on himself to lead a team on the Cambrian Patrol this year - all credit to him, and they did very well, but it meant they did almost FA specialist to role training for a year. With operational tempo as it is, there isn't time for most of us to train for our jobs, and to attain the level of (basically) infantry skills that are usually required in these competitions. The UOTCs have the luxury of being able to train for these competitions, and the results reflect that; they won after all! But for those non-infantry types amongst us, is it a huge issue?
  15. Um - OTC - Officers Training Corps.

    Um - does exactly what it says on the tin......

    Why are we surprised? and, more importantly, why are they not providing more Officers into the TA?