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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Taggs101, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    Can anybody please give me a few tips on the most suitable unit I should apply to join?

    Reason I ask is I’m 42 and although I am aware the upper age limit has been increased I have also read that some units are more welcoming than others towards old duffers such as myself.

    I’m based in the Wirral, Liverpool area and the local units appear to be Royal Engineers, RLC and Signals, if anyone has any info on these units it would be most appreciated.

    PS. I am pretty fit triathlons, half marathons etc so I'm not looking for the easy option.

  2. up to you really. Never fancied RLC myself but considered RE and Sigs.

    I can recommend 93 Sig Sqn in Blackburn/Manchester tough
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. 156 is a good regiment with some cracking lads in it should see a problem joining. OC at my old Sqn attitude was about the age thing was as long as you could pass the phys side of things there would b e no age barrier. Had one fella come in to be a chef at 47 but he was as camp as Elton John and looked like him too!
  5. 4 Lancs have a coy location in Liverpool.... go for the infantry.. if it does not work out you can always transfer later !!!!
  6. Hi
    You are spoilt for choice in the northwest/ Wiral area, but i would recommend 33 Signal Regiment. They have 4 squadrons, 1 in Runcorn 80 Sig sqn, 1 in Huyton, 55 Sig Sqn and 59 Sig Sqn in Aintree, and last but by no means least 42 Sig Sqn in Manchester if you want any info i am involved in recruiting for 33 Sigs and would be happy to help you.


  7. 107 Fd Sqn RE (V) are in Birkenhead at Harrowby rd.
    Its got a good reputation with the regular side of the fence, is well manned and have a good social side.
  8. 116 in Manchester is quite good so I've heard, they're RMP though
  9. While not exactly based in the Northwest, you do come within the recruiting area of

    Provided you haven't had a totally wasted life in civvy street, you've probably picked up some skills and trades on the way.

    The unit is very different to most and caters for the grown-up grown-ups, recruits from Jersey to The Shetlands and doesn't do drill nights, so interferes less with your civvy job.
  10. hi edforce 1
    im 33 too! where you at? :)
  11. Chorley Det 55 MI Coy (V).

    We recruit from across the North West. For more info pm me or e-mail
  12. Quote me if i'm wrong but isn't this regiment going to be disbanded under the Strategic review or reserve forces along with 34 and 35 Sigs?
  13. msr

    msr LE

    It is, but it wasn't on 24 Mar last year, when edforce posted.

  14. And also, not if we can bloody help it - there will still be something kept here sigs wise.