North Wales Crime Blitz

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jonah045, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Having moved back to the Land of my Fathers a couple of years back, obviously I made a huge error of judgement. I was hoping for a relaxed, leave your doors open, community spirited, crime free sort of life.

    How wrong I must be, as I remember, other than the farmers coming down looking for a fight and a wife after a few beers(in any order); it seems that the Lleyn Peninsula has been twinned with South Central LA, as the local Plod are now dressed like they are ready to storm the Iranian Embassy and armed with Tazers.

    But should I be surprised, as this comes from prize numpty Tricky Dicky Brunstrom who relishes the fact that his team issue over 4000 speeding tickets a week!!

    This blackshirt look might be a bit ally for the young lean lads, but when you see some 45 year old shiny-arse sweating like a hijacker whilst trying to catch some spotty hoodie after robbing a pushbike, it just looks comical.

    Croeso i Cymru....Spread 'Em!!

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  2. At least that fooking moron Brunstrom retires shortly.
    North Wales can only improves without him, the Chief Constable who thinks Heroin should be free but 1mph over the speed limit should be prosecuted unmercifully.

    North Wales Police are just a joke.
  3. Here's me thinking the police would be issued wellies. :?
  4. Hell no, not in the modern North Wales Heddlu
    I was chatting to a plod the other day with a stab vest on, attatched to that vest was every accesory known to man plus a few more.
    This fella had everything in velcro loops, must have been a dozen plus items, if he'd fallen over he would have drowned in a 2inch deep puddle. He'd never have been able to get back up.
    Funnily enough the copper with him had a biro stuck in his and not much else. One of them looked a knob, you figure out which one :D
  5. Interesting piece in their Force Newsletter (are they still a "Force"?) written by their Police Federation Branch Board Secretary, in which he makes the plea (paraphrased...) "Let us deal with the criminals, instead of criminalising everyone we deal with"... A brave and honest copper.
  6. I spend a bit of time driving in North wales and i have to say I,ve seen very little of the much vaunted "Schwarzes Politzei", cept for one Tesco in Mold, no dueling scars though and no jack boots, just a rather mucky pair of pavement pounders.
  7. Try taking a motorcycle out for a ride on a weekend.
    I guarantee you will see plenty of Brunstroms finest, roadblock pulling and inspecting every bike are common on popular bike routes.
  8. As a person who has a Brother serving in North Wales Police, I have to tell you moral is an extreme low within. Too much bureaucracy and paperwork, guess ts the story all over the UK
  9. They're wearing baseball caps - hang them!
  10. North Wales is a particularly spectacular example.
    Even Brunstroms fellow Chief Constables think he is a nutter. Its about the only time I would agree wth any Chief Constable at that.
  11. I think it was the Scottish Plod who first started dressing like Il Duce's Finest. A mate of mine in L&BP told me that the black shirts look Ally but make them sweat like Michael Jackson's doctor.
  12. They just look scruffy.
  13. Does'nt matter, mate; they're rarely seen outside the station anyway! :lol:
  14. Fair point.
    They are often seen hiding in a horsebox with a speed camera though :D