North to invade the South?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Scottie Road moves to Oxford ... the Ashmolean stripped bare overnight ... the mind boggles. 8O
  2. I'll see the Thames walled up with corpses, and the Watford Gap covered in the blood of a million scousers before I see one of those dogs set foot in gods own capital...
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Brad, dont go to Westminster!
  4. Whaat go SOUTH but....but.... it's full of Southern SOFTIES!!!!!!!
    Perapps that there think tank thingy should be filled upp with water, seein as ow we av loads!!!! in a huuuummongous lake upp eer an yous lot have non an av to recycle peeee hahahahaHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!
    fckin crass report, it's just as bad in the old 'smoke'
    AAAAhhh just watched the geek who wrote the report, what a nob looks like a poster boy for the APPER CLARRSSESS!!!
  5. Why on Earth would i want to go the Islamic republic of Londonistan i get knifed by a crackhead just up the road in Liverpool thank you very much
  6. Having just spent two and half miserable and unrewarding years working at Bradford Royal Infirmary (the worst hospital I've ever worked at in 23 years of nursing) instead of abandoning this "city" and moving its residents south could I suggest an alternative. Could we leave the residents of Bradford where they are and drop a 100 kiloton nuclear bomb on it thus riding West Yorkshire of a considerable number of scum and chavs and removing an eyesore from the otherwise beautiful Yorkshire countryside.
  7. A is for A! A! A! A!
    F is for Ferry, across the Mersey!

    We'll have none of that in England's green and pleasant land methinks (loads shotgun)
  8. Hmm. If the Scousers all move to London then it means that not only do we suffer the indignity of being fleeced over prices, but when we get back to the car the wheels will be gone. Even bigger incentive never to go.

    On the other hand if it reduces the number of Mackems then the plan has merit. :D
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Dream on shandy boy. The North is going nowhere. This proposal is for some of the South to move to another part of the South. Like you would notice a few million more smelly foreign dwarves in your M25 Congestion Zone?

    Do it I say. Shift Liverpool, Sunderland and Saffron Waldron down to your already crime blighted overcrowded overpriced rats nest.

    The North will keep its miles of pristine beaches, hills, rivers, lakes, castles and coastline. We'll stay where you can buy a 5 bedroom detatched for the price of a Chelsea garage, and hub out of Schipol rather than Thiefrow, where you can hunt for 12 miles in a dead straight line...

    Should I want anything in your grimy nest, I can be there in under 2 hours, which is less time than many of you enjoy on your daily commute on your knackered, crowded trains.

    Yes, this report has much to reccommend it. Send them Sunderland.

    The thought of shrill Makem slappers breeding with you lisping chinless gimps has had me smiling all morning.
  10. There may or may not be merit in this idea, but the credibility of these people isn't enhanced by describing Liverpool, Bradford and Sunderland as "towns" - they're all cities, quite sizeable ones (the first two anyway) with proud histories, and they won't take kindly to being disparaged. I thought 'think tanks' were supposed to think.
  11. An excellent solution to a shit hole,
    Can we add Kieghley,Hull and Halifax to the list.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    A sad end to what were nice towns many years ago! Whilst you are at it add Preston, Blackbun, Burnley, Bolton, I think you are getting the hint?
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Well if we're not going to batter soft Southerners...

    Think Tanks exist (in part) to think the unthinkable.

    Fact is, these three cities, plus whole swathes of post-industrial decay (East Durham anyone?) have had billions thrown at them. With little cost benefit. The Development Agencies were recently criticised for being utterly useless.

    This is EU money and its drying up as we focus on newer member states. Other solutions need to be explored. At this stage I should cite Dr. Richard Florida and the Bo-Ho index as an arbiter of a post industrial city's ability to regenerate.

    Instead I shall simply observe that all Southerners are mincing panty waisted sissy Mary's and I wish you joy of Sunderland.
  14. I would not have thought Saffron Walden could be classed as a northern city


    Outraged of Saffron Walden (formerly of Keighley)