North pointer points south - please help...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. Not the greatest ever aid to navigation, Silva compass needle points south.

    While this could be some kind of metaphor, I'd rather it actually did its job and pointed north.

    Anyone know how to reverse this?

    I've tried sarcasm and shouting, to no avail.


  2. keep it away from the metal plate in your head :)
  3. When it happened to me I emailed Silva UK and they have confirmed its a common problem with compasses and offered to remagnetise it at no cost if i post it to them.

    I also emailed the shop where I purchased it and they have confirmed that if i return it, they will happily post me a new one.
  4. You've got the 'Southern Hemisphere' model. If you looked more closely at the paperwork when you picked it up........
  5. Add or subtract 3200? Bit of maths never hurt anyone!
  6. Hang on, I'll just pop outside and check mine....................

    Sorry, North is still where it should be.......... even in this hemisphere.
  7. use the South pointer?

  8. :lol:
  9. I think I can help out here BB; if you've found yourself in a bit of a jam, about to go on a patrol or expedition or something with no navigational aids then grab a cow. Like compass needles, they point north to south. Little tip mate, they obviously point to magnetic north.

    read here

    I'm here to help.
  10. Same thing happened to mine recently; still accurate (!) but with North and South transposed. Realised it must have occured when I forgot to remove it from my rucksack when travelling to the US - this was confirmed by Silva who re-magnetized it free of charge (also cleaned all the crud and sand out of it :oops: ). Silva in Sweden referred me to their UK counterpart who were most obliging:

    Silva Ltd
    Unit 7, Elphinstone Square
    Deans Industrial Estate
    Livingston, EH54 8RG
    Tel: + 44 - (0)1506 406 277
    Fax: + 44 - (0)1506 415 906
  11. Tried that, the string keeps breaking when I loop it through my buttonhole.
  12. The cow nav kit drops out when rain is due too. No good in temperate climates.
  13. Right not to worry; temperamental things at the best of times and the lads walking behind you won't be thanking you having to tramp through all the poo. Still, would have been good for camouflage and concealment.

    Plan B: the Coriolis Effect.

    Go and get a bath. Fill it and drain it, observing how fast the water spins as it goes down the drain.

    Move the bath somewhere else.

    Fill it and drain it again. If the water is spinning faster, that means you have moved north. If it is spinning slower, you have moved south. If it is spinning at about the same speed, then you have moved east or west.
  14. excellent point but good for weather forecasting; they lie down when it's going to rain.