North Korean Military Chief Executed - Always THE way to set an example...

General Ri Yong-Gil was reportedly put to death last week after being accused of corruption charges and pursuing personal gains.

The chief of North Korea's military has been executed by order of the country's leader, Kim Jong-Un, according to reports.

General Ri Yong-Gil, chief of the General Staff of the Korean People's Army, was killed last week after being accused of corruption and other charges of pursuing personal gains, sources told the Yonhap agency.

"Ri Yong-Gil is known to have been faithful to principles, so it appears the North cited (the charges) to justify his execution," one source said.

The general was put to death around the time Mr Kim was chairing a joint meeting of the North's ruling Workers' Party and the military, they said.
Images released by South Korea of what they claim is debris from a rocket launch by North Korea.

Debris which the South Koreans say is from its neighbour's rocket launch

If confirmed, the general's death comes less than a year after Mr Kim ordered the execution of his then-defence minister.

"This shows that Kim Jong-Un is very nervous about the armed forces," one source said.

I'm surprised they're not having "Infantry commissars" like in WW2 with the Ruskies who could execute an officer on the spot for cowardice or an unendorsed withdrawal, this is also a unique rule to the Imperial Guard in 5th Edition 40k (the military board game by Games Workshop).

Where exactly does he think he's going with this apart from demonstrating he's a merciless tyrant?
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