North Korean Cardboard-Suicide-Tank Regiment anyone?...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by moving-target-survivor, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. more of a bad bruce lee film than an army in training :lol:
  2. North Korean TV seems even more boring than American TV.

    Makes me almost think Neighbours is "quality" Television.
  3. reminded me of tarrant on TV people banging nails in with there head nice! why even bother using a hammer?
  4. Good job we'll never be going to war against Nth Korea.
    Scary we sh*ts :eek:

    Wonder how many exploding dogs they go through on an excercise :?
  5. They won't be difficult to spot - wandering round half naked and screaming.

    When was the last time someone threw a knife at you? (those from scotland need not answer)

    One of those birds would blatantly get it!!! But she might be pushing me round the carpet rather than the other way round!!!

    And those poor dogs...
  6. Has to be handy, their food cooks itself and takes out enemy tanks!! Why cant my icecream do that *follows red balloon*
  7. how nervous did those officers look when kim il jong was holding the revolver.