North Korea

Well, as I had decided that it would soon be time for me to mobilise and get some experience of the role I am meant to be doing, can anyone tell me -

Can Kim Jong Il's boys fight? How much is a pint of Beer in North Korea? Whats the weather like? And Finally, how do you say in Korean, "We have come to liberate you from a warring oppressive dictator, so drop your keks love?"
You could try an 18-30 adventure holiday first, sort of a fun recce?
I did buy the book "The Rough Guide to...North Korea"
All it said inside was don't fcuking go there

But the chances of getting alcohol/loose women in afghanistan are, I imagine, even lower. And beside, we already have so many people there that those of us considering mobilisation at the mooment wont have a look in.

Although, I did note that there had been a request for additional support from the British commander out in afghanistan. So maybe I will just get lucky.

You would think though that just once we would invade/liberate/protect a country with a more moderate climate.

It's alright for those whitehall bods sending us off etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum and in finitum
I for one think that N Korea aren't doing any thing wrong. They are no where as bad compared to what the US gets up to every day around the world..
Fairy nuff opinion.

But it's not about right or wrong. It's about what our masters decide is right or wrong and what they decide our response should be.

Unless you take part in this crazy notion that we should be able to refuse to go on duties becasue we disagree with the rationale/legality of an action.

I think a recent case involving a RAF pilot put pay to that one.

And I think you might also find that a previous British Prime Minister played a corking game of "oh they are not doing anything too bad" right up to September 1939.

That approach worked out fairly well I think? Or possibly not?
I will go where ever im told. I dont know any one who has been to Iraq who has agreed that we should have gone there in the first place. But the armed forces aren't there to decide policy just enforce it.
Yep and you can come back and get your medal given out to you in an Indian restaurant as I know of some Telic 1 guys did! Thought we were a 'one concept army'.
Well those make it look like a complete hole .Guess the invasions green lighted then :) As tony wants to collect the complete set of horrid countries we used to own or those horrid countries we didn't own but do now.
TA_sig said:
A fairly recent photo essay on North Korea to satisfy your educational cravings.
From the description of one of the photos on that site:

Its impossible not to cross soldiers.

They do everything, taking care of the cattle, picking up wood, and ride 40 persons in a truck
That's either phenomenal stamina or Commie propaganda to make us feel sexually inadequate.

By the way, lads: who'd win in a fight - Dr Evil or some little fella in a shiny grey suit singing "I'm so wonewee ..."?
I'd vote for Dr Evil, given that the said little fella is only 2 foot tall, and is in fact, a cockroach from outer space (if you believe the scientologists).

As for riding 40 persons in a truck, It's amazing how many korean women you can ride IF YOU ARE CARRYING A BIG GUN.

As for their soldiers doing farming and menial type duties - foot and mouth epidemic anyone?
Hah! Killer Panthers indeed.

We will just deploy the fricking sharks with fricking lasers on their fricking heads.

Let's see Kim's panthers deal with that
Thats right. Beacuse nobody wants a pussy all covered in sh*t.

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