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North Korea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Not nothing at all and the only equating is irritant with irritant.

    Oh, do behave yourself.
  2. Conflating a basic irritant which both do with another irritant that only one does. That and hand sitting
    China's goal is to remove US influence in the region, whether the US allies want it or not. China doesn't seem to be in a position to control the recalcitrant child on its doorstep though. I just hope better things are going on beneath the surface than is currently visible
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  3. More like changing the flow of play so that current US allies reassess where their interests are best served - the Phillipines being an obvious case in point.

    Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Their interests don't coincide perfectly with the US's or Japan's and expecting them to fall in line with the wishes of other nations is only going to lead to disappointment, especially when conflating 'not vigorously following one COA' with 'sitting on their hands.'

    They're actively pursuing their own interests in the region and nobody else's - same as every other country is.
  4. Indeed. But it seems Duerte is less vocal now. Maybe he has reassessed. Only time will tell
    Doubt it personally
    There's plenty of COAs but conflating something both do with something one does isn't (imo) the answer. Neither is complaining about defensive consequences because of the cause
    Of course, lets just hope the wheel doesn't come off whilst they're warming their hands
  5. I can't say treating it as a game of Top Trumphs strikes me as the answer either. DPRK and RoK are two different entities with different circumstances and they have different options.
    If it was going to, it'd probably have done so before. This isn't the first missile test they've carried out and nothing really changed as a result of the previous ones.

    ons open as a result. No country is going to limit their freedom of action to what another country is able to do, else you might as well ask why RoK doesn't go for a mass low-tech army instead.
  6. I've never called it a game of top trumps. The only country DPRK listens to is China. If China wants to see another possible war on its doorstep, it's going the right way about it.
    Nope, the missiles get better, the nukes get better. The rhetoric gets more. After all, they've said these are to strike US bases. It's not as if he's getting any saner either. Meanwhile, China does ...........
    How ROK decides to man its Army is up to them. They clearly rely on the US. The US is currently prepared to defend them. What does China do? Conflate conventional exercises with actions which are against UN resolutions and whine about defensive missile systems being deployed. Oh, and let a possible bit of succession management come to an end on their watch.....
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  7. If I have you right, the PRC has the power and influence over Pyongyang that the only thing stopping them resolving the situation is a lack of finger-out-pulling on behalf of Beijing. At the same time as they lack sufficient clout to stop Pyongyang offing their ace-in-the-hole in Macau.

    Let's assume for the sake of argument that you're right about the amount of influence they have. Doesn't that mean they're better placed than any of the other interested parties to understand what will and what won't sway the DPRK leadership?

    So a country shouldn't feel itself constrained in how it defends itself by what any other country does? If only someone had mentioned that before...
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  8. Nothing like trying to obfuscate the issues. China is clearly the only country that can influence Pyongyang. Maybe Russia. Principally China

    That doesn't mean they're infallible and may have (I don't know if he was being set up as a replacement or not), taken their eye off the ball ref Nam

    Yep. Doesn't mean they will act like a world statesman either. Maybe they want another Korean War?
    China is clearly sitting on their hands publicly. Privately, who knows. So long as those missiles aren't pointing at Chinese cities they can afford to sit on their hands.
  9. You're right there, it was nothing like it.
  10. Tomato and tomato. Both spelt the same. Both pronounced differently. A bit like potato
  11. Yes I see, you feel that China is a very influential country in that region. Very influential. Unlike certain other countries from further away. Perhaps then in your opinion South Korea and other smaller countries in the region should re-evaluate their international relationships in order to take that into account? That's certainly an interesting perspective.
  12. China is undoubtedly influential in the region. If they weren't, all of those tales of them 'playing the long game' and 'a 100 years is nothing' etc. would be tall tales.

    Whether the countries close to them wish to seek better relations with them than some other 'overseas power' is up to those countries surely? Why should they have to go for the neighbour if what he stands for they don't agree with?

    It doesn't mean China isn't influential. It may just mean they'd rather be with one power over another
  13. China urges 'out of the box' thinking on North Korea
    Tillerson to visit China next week. US still stating 'all options are on the table' whilst China appears to be looking for 'out of the box' solutions "We hope the relevant parties can break through their thinking, think outside of the box, and can take a pragmatic and reasonable attitude," Whether anything more constructive than saying conventional exercises equate to nuclear weapons and missiles tests along with complaining about a defensive missile system remains to be seen:
    Cruise control - China squeezes South Korea as boats and planes stay away
    Some of the alleged outcomes of the pressure China is putting on S Korea for having the temerity to allow the US to deploy a defensive missile system caused by the sabre rattling of N Korea
    E2A: U.N. urged to prepare North Korea case for alleged crimes against humanity
    Call for the UN to look at previous reports on N Korean human rights reports. The (alleged) killing of Nam being a 'wake up call'.
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  14. Interesting argument about how Asian countries should assess their relationship with China based on its power and historic influence. Apart from Japan of course, who have long established form for not only staying out from under Chinese control, but even reversing the trend briefly. Hmm.
    Ties nicely into how countries neighbouring Russia should behave.
    I assume that also means that Venezuela should get with the programme and, along with the rest of South America, accept the general overlordship of the US.
    Now that we've divided the world into those spheres of influence, with a question mark over western Europe and the wild card of India, we just have Africa up for grabs. Let the scramble begin.
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  15. Whether they should or not is irrelevant - they will, just as they'll re-assess their standpoints at every change in principle to the regional situation.

    As to South America, we know exactly how the US responded to external attempt to intervene there. The least said about the response to local popular movements the better.