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North Korea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. South Korea has proposed new military talks with North Korea to ease tensions along the border. South Korea's new government proposes military talks with North Korea
    This proposal was made by South Korea's Unification Minister.
    He also called for the re-establishment of the military hotline across the border.
    South Korea also proposed talks to resume cross border family reunification meetings.
    There has been no response by the North yet on these issues.
  2. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Oh good, the South are pleading, Kim will see that he can exact concessions without giving anything significant in return. What if Trump tells the South to jack in this appeasement or he'll take his ball home?
  3. The final question seems still to be whether the acquisition by North Korea of a functioning ICBM system delivering nuclear warheads to the continental US really is an absolute red line for Washington. It seems clear that neither sanctions nor negotiations will prevent this. If that is true Washington will either have to back down or strike, and make that decision in quite a short timeframe.
  4. North Korea lacks capacity to hit U.S. with accuracy - U.S. general
    US mil response to the ICBM launch:
  5. The following story is a CBC analysis of why South Korea wants to turn down the temperature of the dispute with North Korea. Why South Korea has offered to play nice with North Korea

    As noted in a previous post, South Korea's new president has formally offered to hold talks with North Korea over military and humanitarian issues. This is a revival of the "sunshine policy".
    It ought to be noted that the wavering back and forth between engagement and confrontation is to some extent a reflection of party politics in South Korea. The ouster of the previous government, in no small part due to their record of corruption, has brought the opposition back into power.
    The present turn back towards "sunshine" is partially due to it being a campaign promise. Recent polls show that the overwhelming majority - nearly 77% - of South Koreans support this move.
    The other reason is that the confrontation policy of the previous government showed no signs of succeeding.
    Military attack on North Korea is very risky. Aside from their nuclear weapons (if they have working ones), they also have very large numbers of artillery aimed at Seoul.
    Economic sanctions, both those approved by the UN and the additional measures which the US is unilaterally trying to impose haven't worked either.
    One North Korean defector who had worked in the financial sector said that over the past three decades sanctions never caused North Korea any serious problems.
    One observer has noted that even if North Korea rejects this specific offer, they will likely accept negotiations at some point. Negotiations make North Korea look more important, and this is a strong incentive for them to engage in them.
  6. Russia, U.S. duel at U.N. over whether North Korea fired long-range missile
    Russia says it wasn't an ICBM. Not sure what China says it was. DPRK say it was. All of the believable OS evidence on flight trajectory says it was.

    I await Russia (and their 'useful idiots') saying the nuke explosions are simulated. Still, so long as they're (and the rhetoric) aimed south, south east and east....