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North Korea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. The other North Korean threat
    An interesting summary from Reuters about the DPRK artillery and the bunkers they are located in. HARTS (Hardened ARTillery Sites) graphic is below:

    Getting to all of those with either 'counter battery fire' or ADM will not be an easy job. A lot of which are in range of Seoul:
    Interesting also to see the 'Sea of Fire' being mentioned in DPRK since 2000 and it nearly doubling since late 2011 (when Tubby III came to power).

    This all comes from a Reuters article on how (or actually not) S Korea is preparing for the protection of its civilian population. 3,200 shelters (artillery, not nuke) in Seoul alone: South Korea bomb shelters forgotten with no food, water as North Korea threat grows
    However, it seems they are updating the information on the location of the bunkers:
    The majority of the population seem to have the same fatalistic thoughts 'we' did during the cold war and impending nuclear annihilation:
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  2. South Korea says North doesn't have ICBM re-entry technology
    Despite the headline, the actual comment is:
  3. China says 'China responsibility theory' on North Korea has to stop
    Chinese FM spokesman appears to be unhappy with the 'China responsibility theory' on DPRK:
    Not really sure who is 'doing nothing' as RoK, Japan and the US are asking for more sanctions. That all depends on whether Russia and China will accede to the UN resolutions.
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  4. I think that all the sanctions etc are a waste of time and effort, they have always been unsuccessful. The only thing that has not been attempted is hitting Kim with big bang sticks.
  5. Two other options imo. Firstly, 'succession mgt' which (despite what China says above) would need to be handled very well and in agreement with their 'principle ally and trading partner'

    Secondly, getting to the tipping point on sanctions that don't affect the populace too much (it will inevitably), that makes Tubby III realise he's not getting anywhere (literally, no fuel for his car) etc. so that (as China mentions) the Korean peninsula remains nuke free but doesn't lead to a collapse of the regime and millions of refugees going north, south and over the water.

    Option one remains my preferred COA
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  6. Breaking news?

  7. U.S. missile hits test target as North Korea tension rises
    Successful THAAD test:
    TBH, I'm also wondering about air launching IRBMs from C17s
  8. China says they don't "hold the key" to magically solving the Korean Peninsula problem. China says its influence over North Korea is exaggerated

    China said they are not prepared to be held solely responsible for the North Korea problem, and accused other countries of shirking their responsibilities in this area.
    The Chinese foreign minister said that China is fulfilling its responsibilities under UN resolutions, but that other countries were fanning the crisis and damaging China's interests in doing so.
    He also said that certain parties were circulating the message that China was the only one capable of solving this problem while shrugging off their own responsibilities.
    He also expressed dissatisfaction at being "stabbed in the back" on this issue.
    The shirking of responsibilities by other parties appears to refer to the military exercises by South Korea and the US which ratchet up the tensions. The implication is that China sees both sides, North Korea and the US, as being responsible for this and wants the US to tone down the sabre rattling so China can work on getting North Korea to reciprocate.

    China says that their perceived influence over North Korea is exaggerated. They also won't take measures which could destabilise the regime and result in massive flows of refugees into China.
    Something that needs to be noted in all this is that China very, very, specifically does not refer to all of this as a "North Korea" problem. Rather they refer to it as a "Korean Peninsula" problem. They don't see each problem in isolation, but rather all as one. As noted in the above quote, the future of the Korean peninsula as a whole is part of this.

    While it may be convenient for "us" to try to isolate the North Korea nuclear issue from the others, the Chinese don't appear to be prepared to be cajoled into going along with this plan. They're sticking to their position that all issues must be on the table before any lasting deal can be struck.

    This does leave open the possibility though that if the Chinese do get a deal from the other interested parties (South Korea, Japan, the US, and Russia) that they can live with, then they may be prepared to take much greater risks in dealing with Kim and friends once and for all. At present however, the risks for China as an immediate neighbour to North Korea outweigh the gains.
  9. PRC are sticklers for formalism in this sort of thing and since both RoK and DPRK formally claim to be the sole legitimate government of all Korea, they prefer to fudge around the issue.

    You can imagine the precedent that would be set for the whole PRC/RoC thing if they didn't. It'd blow 'two sides, each with their own interpretation' out the water for a start.
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  10. Can we take several thousand NK refugees. Obviously hungry, pliant and keen
  11. I take it you are referring to the NK Allstars Line Dancing Team ?

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  12. I am sure many an arrser would love a romantic candle lit dinner of boiled dog with any of these red hot cuties?
  13. Not really. As soon as the RT reporter was speaking it confirmed the propaganda narrative. Nothing new for me apart from Xi getting a gong.

    Russia and China saying 'stop the exercises' (which aren't against UN resolutions), and DPRK stop nuclear and ballistic missile tests (which are against UN resolutions). Then they're unhappy with THAAD deployment.

    It's not 'like for like' If DPRK stopped exercises, that's the same as the US/RoK exercises. If DPRK stopped nuclear and ballistic missile testing (in accordance with UN resolutions), there'd be no need for THAAD. Like for like.
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  14. Indeed China already has its own sensitive problem of Taiwan over which it insists it should have control.

    The US will be upping the pace on THAAD.
    Missile Defense Agency Says THAAD Has Destroyed Its First Mock IBRM
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  15. Exclusive - North Korea may have more bomb fuel than thought: U.S. think tank
    38 North have been analysing some thermal imagery from N Korea and believe Tubby III may have considerably more material from which to make a nuke:
    Bottom line is their analysis, based on the imagery, is he has about three times the amount of material:
    Their own views on 38 North: About | 38 North: Informed Analysis of North Korea

    Exclusive: U.S. prepares new sanctions on Chinese firms over North Korea ties - officials
    Meanwhile, another UNSC Resolution is being discussed for more sanctions. It looks like the US are pushing the rhetoric with a 'what if' scenario.