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North Korea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. The latest North Korean missile tests are apparently of anti-ship cruise missiles with a range of approximately 200km. North Korea wants the world to know it can sink warships
    These missiles do not violate UN security council resolutions, as those only cover ballistic missiles.
    Some of the reporting about this test has been incorrect, confusing it with ballistic missiles, the latter of which are covered by UN security council resolutions. See the story for an example on that.
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  2. North Korea accuses U.S. authorities of 'mugging' its diplomats at NY airport
    KCNA reporting a N Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman saying their diplomats were 'mugged' in New York (JFK). No response from the US White House, State Dept. yet:
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  3. Indeed, I think the national mood after their treatment of the poor bugger who was repatriated to the US in a vegetative state the other day, would be to drown any NK government representative in a deep cess pit of their choosing. No NK 'diplomat', can be excused for ignorance of the democratic West nor the madness of Tubby III. In fact, a twice daily mugging should be the norm!
  4. N Korea’s treatment of it’s own people would seem to bring it down to the level of daesh. It would be hard to say which are the lower species of mankind.
  5. U.S. student who was returned from North Korea in coma has died
    The young lad repatriated in a coma has died:
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  6. I wonder if this sad event will make people think twice about tourism to North Korea? The US Department of State travel advice re. the DPRK is a clear 'Don't go'.
    I'm surprised that the North Koreans have treated a white American (mentioned only because there is a record of mistreatment of Korean - Americans) so poorly.
  7. Should have stuck to Dunkin Donuts in the US, rather than go off piste with the Norks for a dose of water dunking sans air!
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  8. Trouble is, there's always some who play the 'nothing will happen to me' card, like the muppets who see northern Iraq as somewhere for an 'adventure vacation'.
    Needless to say, they then expect others to risk their lives in extracting them when things go pear shaped.
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  9. Everyone who goes to the effort of getting into North Korea, a task somewhat more tricky than jumping on the ferry to St. Malo, should be more than aware of what sort of place they're entering.

    As sad as this case is, the guy tried to nick something off of a bunch of people you really do not want to **** about with on their home turf, he really did bring this on himself. I'm not saying he deserved to get a 15 year prison sentence and then the kind of treatment that ultimately killed him just for nicking a sign, but North Korea as a nation do not exist in the realm of sanity, and thus you would have to be a bit of a Darwin candidate to **** about like that within their border, like this kid.

    If you play the game there, as a tourist you will be fine.

    Personally I can't imagine why any ****** would want to voluntarily enter North Korea and endure forced propaganda and fried Shit for dinner, it's a dire shithole led by a rocky regime whose days are numbered, and there is nothing anyone can do to help anyone there realistically. Tourism in North Korea only funds the regime, and anyone who goes there must be aware of that surely..
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  10. I wouldn't assume that Otto Wambier actually did take the poster from the North Korean hotel room. The Englishman who Wambier fell in with during his time in N. Korea spoke to the Washington Post and said that he never had any indication from Wambier that he was going to do anything wrong.

    Opinion | Otto Warmbier’s North Korea roommate speaks out

    I don't think any of us would put it past Kim and company to gin something like this up to see if they could somehow use him as a bargaining chip.
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  11. He broke rules which no sane person could regard as fair and just. God knows why anyone would want to visit North Korea though. A friend of my parents who lives in Victoria BC did and I was quite incredulous when she said she had to kneel down to posters of Kim Il Sung. I suppose though if you go there you have to obey their laws however loony they are. That is if you want to be a dupe in a lunatic propaganda exercise.
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  12. For the same reason I wouldn't visit Fiji or any country where the rule of law has been replaced by rule of dictator.
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  13. The lady who manages the local Tae Kwon Do studio is a christian in the way that only Americans can be. She has 5 or 6 boys who are now late teens to mid twenties and these lads are also drum banging christians who go off doing the missionary thing as and when.

    One evening my lad was passing on his lock picking abilities to a couple of his mates at the studio and their young-teen-spy school prompted her to chat to me. The gist of the conversation was about the course two of her boys had been on before going to China as 'tourists'. They go in as covert missionaries and as such are prepared by a church sponsored organisation to teach them counter surveillance, handcuff lock picking, resistance to interrogation and some other basic E & E skills which you can pick up over a few weekends.

    So, these numpties are going over to these places with the pre-meditated intent of flouting the laws of the host nation and getting some spiv level of training in order to try it on. Whilst I feel sorry for them and their misguided good intentions with surveillance nowadays it is more a case of when you get caught and not if you get caught.
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