North Korea warns of possible war with South Korea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 2, 2009.

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    If the war would happen then no doubt HM armed forces would be send to save Korean democracy from communist agression.
  2. Ahhh, we wouldn't even need to bother, they're equipped with old russian rubbish kit & backward russian doctrine left over from the 60s, don't have sufficient stockpiles of fuel and have been starving for 20 years, the spams & South Koreans would tear them a new ringer, even if they use an A-bomb all that will accomplish is the destruction of north korea...
  3. No they wont.
  4. I've never eaten dog!
  5. Think this is more about chest beating to get the attention of the new POTUS personally.
  6. My bold - b0llocks never happen in month of sundays.
  7. If it's not in the interest of Big Brother to the North of them then it's not going to happen.
  8. How do you work that one out? The US presence will be down to 28,000 in 2009 so there's zero chance of our lot being required. More likely that the Chinese would just occupy the North if they kicked off.
  9. Looking at the advert for "Korean Cupid" on the bottom of the page, I don't think tagging along with the Spams and South Koreans as they trundle up to PyongYang is such a bad thing! :twisted:
  10. What he said. There's zero chance the NK regime will kick off as the Chinese would squash them flat and, once in place, most likely stick around.

    In fact, the only people who should be feeling nervous are the Japanese - it's more likely NK would fire off every nuke they had at Japan then immediately surrender to the South. They really don't like each other, and the rumblings that Japan will be taking a more outward focus must be being watched very closely.
  11. I heard a story about a fake village on the border once to lure soldiers in. True or shite?
  12. Modern wars are sometimes very strange. A weak side attacks a seperior miliraty force... it looks as an absurd. But llok at Georgia, Hezbollah, Hamas...

    China is not controlling N.Korean regime. Moreover, its influence is quite bounded. Also, taking into account mentality of N.Korean leadership no one can exclude a war with the South.

    How it could happen? Suppose that random shooting would be frequent along the truce line. It is quite possible. Future escalation could lead to unpredictable consequences.

    Note that N.Korea has a lot of missiles. Even without nuclear warheads they are dangerous enough. What would happen if American military object would be hit? (in S.Korea or Japan). Unlikely our American friends could use carpet bombings and ground invasion is unprobable.
  13. Then a bucket of sunshine would be poured on Pyongyang...the Americans wouldn't use carpet bombing, because virtually all american jets can carry guided weapons, rendering it unecessary...the South koreans have more men in uniform (including reservists), better equipment and the backing of American airpower, even without substantial US ground reinforcements I'd think they could manage a ground invasion...
  14. Simplistic view. N. Korea short of food etc. Time to make the usual (annual) threats to the west. Last year it was an alleged nuclear bomb test. Seems to be a way of getting aid without the indignity of begging.
  15. American strikes against military objects would be mainly ineffective (Let's recall Yugoslavia). But destruction of civil infrastucture and inevitable thousands of killed civilians (including children) would be widely shown on TV.

    Lets compare military might:
    1. N.Korea vs USA
    2. Hamas vs Israel

    Hamas is much more weaker in comparison with Israel than N.Korea in comparison with the USA.