North Korea Warns Of Declaration of War

kim jong il (or whatever his name is) is a complete nut-bag. I suggest one of his aides gives him some medical treatment before he does something very silly, like attacking another country with nukes. I would suggest the repeated injections of brass over a short period might be a very good cure for his madness.

We have seen throughout history that nut-case leaders seem to be able to stay in power. (hitler, stalin, mussolini) I honestly hope someone in his government see sense before he kills a lot of people and tears north korea apart.

I acept that it is a very sad situation to sugget the he be 'offed', however I believe this is one of those times when it is in everyones interest that this guy is removed from power by whatever means.

SkiC, do you believe that fat Kim has any power at all? He is a puppet of the military who rule North Korea through fear. As a reward for acting as their figurehead he is allowed to indulge in his little perversions. They know full well that if the people of that tragic country were to ever see the 'real world' then even their own soldiers would rip them to pieces.

They believe that BMWs and Mercs (driven by the elite in the country) are made in N. Korea for the sole use of senior Party officials. The vast majority of the population truly believe the propaganda that spouts forth from the media (it has been their only source of information since 1945). Prior to WW2 they were brutally oppressed by the Japs (almost as bad as the German treatment of Russians) for years before WW2 (and the world did nothing until too late). If the US or anyone else invades they would defend their country to the last. It is only by showing them what a bunch of criminals their rulers are, and the life that has been denied them that they will overthrow their masters.

I can see almost no way that a country that has been subjected to such pressures can have a bloodless coup or a smooth transition to normality: people have committed too many crimes and the population will want bloody revenge.
what do you suggest drop millions of copies of nuts / fhm on the country and let them tear each other to bits?
Shell them with UN aid packages of Belgian beer, porn (as suggested), the latest edition of Vogue (for women's lib) and all the other fine things the capitalist western world has produced, to the betterment of mankind. And a copy of Convoy and Rigger's book. Come the revolution!
SkiCarver said:
We have seen throughout history that nut-case leaders seem to be able to stay in power. (hitler, stalin, mussolini) I honestly hope someone in his government see sense before he kills a lot of people and tears north korea apart.
Very true, you can add Blair and Bush to the list of fruit-cake tyrants to have in mind and put North Korea down to yet another issue our democratic demagogues will attempt to scare the crap out of a gullible public with along with terrorism, global warming, avian flue and Christ knows what next!

If nothing comes of it you can put it down to a successful campaign by 'The Sun'.
So their economy must be on the verge of total collapse then, as this is what would pre-empt them into starting a conflict. China must be getting very worried by now, christ so will Japan and South Korea too!!

Still you can blame whoever you want, but whoever was going to be in power would have brought this about as the North Koreans wanted a nuke and as many freebies from the West/China/South Korea/Japan as they could get!

If it kicks off, Seoul will be flattened and a few Japanese cities will take a hammering too.

Now, which way does the wind blow from there and is several thousand miles far enough away to stop my balls from glowing!
Long before it happens, I can see China and Russia rolling over the Yalu. I wondering if the only thing that is stopping them is the humongous cost of re-building North Korea, and that's even if shot one doesn't get fired.

If the US , Japan and S.Korea are honest, that is exactly what they want to happen , and preferably non-nuclear.

As for JSDF troops arriving , if you want to guarantee North Korea fights , then involve them. The stigma and pain of the Japanese occupation , is probably more deeply ingrained in the NoK psyche then the Korean War
I think something bad is going to happen.
It's just a question of who to.
Nuke Korea, I mean North Korea is on the verge of economic collapse. China could end this now with the right political will.

Just cos they have set off a few tons of TNT doesn't mean they have a nuke... it probably means that their programme is not going well and they are trying to bluff and provoke a reaction.

Maybe the same people who design their hats are designing their nukes?
Not so much to save South Korea as to keep their own back yard clear of marauding foreign devils and airborne fission biproducts.
China and Russia are going to invade North Korea in order to save South Korea. I don't think so.
No I don't think so either. Nor are they going to make a move on the dictates of a US influenced UN . But they sure as hell are not going to allow Little Kim to dictate to them.
The risks of a major war in this region is too great, this will be resolved by diplomacy in fact has to be.

I posted the below on a similar thread this morning
Firstly China has lost massive "face" with DPRNK and important concept in Sout East Asian politics. Also China does not want to encourage an arms race in the region to threaten it's relative hegemony however it doesn't want to destabilise North Korea so that it is faced with a massive refugee problem or worse.
What China can offer it's ally is to cut off it's aid including oil to North Korea forcing discontent and grumbling amongst North Korea's powerful army, invite the Dear Leader to live out the rest of his days in China free from the US.
The North Korean Army can be invited to take over with the US giving a non agression agreement a la CUBA allowing North Korea to disarm and the both parties to claim victory.
Then talks could be opened regarding the long term goal of reunification of the Korea's.

This all requires patientce and diplomacy but I believe it is a workable scenario.
MMMM.. The question is whether the dear leader, or whever is pulling his strings, is not starting to belive his own hype.

That he might actually pop something nasty in the direction of the South or at US shipping. In the circumstances it's unlikely that a major escalation could be avoided.
An interesting idea Woodman , based on the propensity of that part of the world to sit round a table first, Perhaps if the US can keep it's gob off it (Especially that UN clown) for 2 minutes, and let people who understand each other's 'little ways' get on with it?

I have no doubt China will employ the iron fist in a velvet glove at such talks.

It's all about face-saving.

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