North Korea to test a nuclear weapon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Invicta, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Invicta;

    Just cut the URL and paste it in. You don't have to add the "URL=" stuff.
  2. So, another nutter joins the Club. At least we know the score. For what comfort it is, I don't recall Koreans being fans of suicide.
  3. Just picked up this comment on the BEEB web site
    "North Korea must choose either to have a future or to have nuclear weapons "but it cannot have them both", top US negotiator Christopher Hill said."

    Er uhm, know I know I live in the backyard of beyond but just what is Uncle Sam propossing ?
    Nuc um?
    Tell Dear Leader ta send his troops guarding Buck house and empty all the malingers from Hospital wards to stag on with the Chelsea Pensioners ?
    Baffled in Bangkok.
  4. Right, they prefer slow death by malnutrition combined with rampant xenophobia.

    I doubt the individual North Korean has any say in the matter anyway. Woyldn't you agree?
  5. This is all about trying to prop up a failing stalinist tyranny. Old Kim, is totally out there and loves his trappings of power. The state is on the verge of collapse and GB is hoping that more sanctions etc will make the process evolve even quicker. However, the North Koreans have shown that they are willing to take it to the brink and I for one suspect they will detonate a nuke.........after that, all bets are off :?
  6. The US does have interest in this situation ,as we all do ,but What is Japan's reaction going to be ? Japan will more than likely rearm. They have been a economic superpower for 20 or 30 years , now they will become a military power. After the end of WWII we had the West pitted against the Soviet Union and its communist allies . Than just the one superpower and now the emergence of regional powers. It looks like a pre WWII world, except nations are armed with nuclear weapons .........after that, all bets are off .
  7. Wonder if the terrified scientists are on a deadline?

    I can picture the first test, with dignitaries lined up, and the missile roars off the test pad, malfunctions, comes roaring back to earth annihilates half the country... :evil:

    Would anybody notice any difference?
  8. The North Koreans will never do anything serious, not because of Nato, the Yanks, Japs ect, but because of the Chinese. This is all international posturing, to be used as a bargaining chip once the six nation talks start back up.

    Kim knows full well that if he tries to start a ruckus (especially a nuclear one) in the Chinese’s corner of the world they will flatten him like the fist of an angry god.
  9. This may still happen or has happen and no one told us, but I think it's a underground test.

    Just saw this article
    'Too late' to stop N Korea's bomb
    Peter Alford, Tokyo correspondent,5942,20527132,00.html
  10. From what I understand, we are talking something fairly crude and hopefully too big to fit onto current DPRK missiles (which should keep the Japanese a smidge happier). South Korea, though will probably be (a) going 'oh sh1t' or similar or more likely (b) 'SEE! We told you he was a nutter'.
    The Chinese are maybe backpedalling a bit and trying to disassociate with a throwback regime as they go all market forces and fluffy towards the West, but they still have the military capability to flatten DPRK in about ten minutes IIRC.

    Anyone see a parallel here? Regional Dictator Nutter type, wants to be regarded as big player, claims to have military capabilities that he may or may not have, who gets taken seriously by the big players and .....
  11. Russians 'in N Korea test talks'
    BBC News Link
  12. Well the French have had nukes for years and we didnt get upset so why bother ourselves about the Koreans.
  13. In that case may I suggest a nice cottage in North Korea for your next holiday... this might open thy eyes to one or two differences...

    You of course may save on a return ticket...